Before leaving office, Abe has to make an important phone call with trump, his closest friend

According to the report, Abe is expected to directly inform him that he had to resign in the middle of his term of office because of the recurrence of his old disease “ulcerative colitis”. In addition, Abe plans to point out in the telephone talks that after the new prime minister takes office, the importance of Japan US alliance will remain unchanged, and seek understanding on strengthening bilateral relations. < / P > < p > in view of Japan’s abandonment of the “land-based Aegis” plan, he may explain the discussion of a new missile defense system. < p > < p > after Abe announced that he would resign because of illness, Bolton, former US national security adviser, wrote an article in the Washington Post praising Abe as “the most important leader of postwar Japan” and that “the Japan US alliance has been significantly strengthened” under Abe’s government. It is a great loss to both countries. “. < p > < p > Bolton pointed out that Abe, on the one hand, did not stiffen the trade issues with the United States like other US allies, but constantly played down these conflicts. On the other hand, “for trump, who is easy to lose his way in response to North Korea’s denuclearization, Abe is like a heavy metal chain, tying the president closer to reality.”. On the evening of 28th local time, trump said on Air Force One: “I want to extend my highest respect to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe…… My good friend, I feel very sorry about that. ” Trump also praised Abe for loving his country and said he would talk to him. < / P > < p > by contrast, trump obviously did not invest Abe in this “friendship”. When trump won the presidential election in 2016, but he has not yet officially entered the White House, Abe, as the Prime Minister of Japan, has personally flew to the United States to have a close interaction with the future president of the United States, and also presented trump with a golf club.