Bayer continued to write wonderful stories in China

On November 10, the third China International Import Expo came to an end today. Bayer, a life science enterprise, not only successfully completed its third appearance, signed several large orders and cooperation agreements, but also locked in the exhibition booths for next year’s fair in advance, demonstrating Bayer’s strong strength in the fields of health care and agriculture, as well as its confidence and commitment to the Chinese market. Werner Bauman, chairman of the Management Committee of Bayer Co., Ltd., congratulated the success of the fair. He said: “Bayer has participated in the fair for three consecutive times. This year, Bayer has further increased its participation and deeply integrated into China’s economic and social development. As an excellent platform for a leading life science enterprise, Bayer adheres to the enterprise vision of” sharing health and eliminating hunger “, bringing the latest products and technologies in the two major fields of medical and health care and agriculture, making China’s economy and society more integrated And the world knows our strength and determination. ” This year, Bayer has made gratifying achievements in the fields of health care and agriculture by implementing the strategy of “innovation and sustainable growth”. “Innovation pilot, win-win cooperation and responsibility” has become the key words of Bayer China this year. < / P > < p > innovation is the driving force of Bayer’s continuous progress, pushing forward the goal of “science and technology to create a better life”. In this year’s Expo, Bayer has brought a number of products that have been exhibited in China for the first time and led the industry’s development trend, such as the innovative prostate cancer treatment drug dofigo, the intelligent Mr high-pressure contrast injection system mrxperion, which fills the gap of Mr contrast-enhanced MR imaging, and one a day compound plant Shuyi deep sleeping tablets without melatonin. In the field of agriculture, Bayer has brought a number of new scientific plant protection products, including Zhuoren, the first microbial agent of foreign-funded agricultural enterprises in China, the new patent pesticide Guoteng and the new patent fungicide lunaqing, which will be launched in China in July. In addition, Bayer’s Saint nice vegetable Division has brought a taste type pine and broccoli variety, and Bayer environmental science business unit has presented a digital rodent monitoring system and solutions. The products and solutions on display at the < p > < p > fair are just a microcosm of the many innovations Bayer has introduced into China this year. So far, Bayer prescription drugs have brought a number of innovative products, indications and solutions for Chinese patients this year, and two innovative drugs have been submitted to the market. For example, the State Drug Administration has approved the joint administration of Pareto and aspirin for patients with chronic coronary artery disease or peripheral artery disease; Bayer has also submitted an application for the listing of vericept, a treatment drug for chronic heart failure, in China, and has been included in the prior approval of the State Drug Administration, which is expected to achieve simultaneous approval and listing in many countries and regions. < p > < p > under the new normal, Chinese consumers’ awareness of health has entered a mature stage earlier, and more people begin to pay attention to their own and family’s health. Bayer health consumer goods, with the help of cross-border e-commerce as an emerging platform for rapid development, continues to provide Chinese consumers with innovative, high-quality, scientifically proven health consumer goods. Together with the “Star” exhibit one a day plant Shuzhen shenmian tablets in the Expo, four high-quality health consumer products, including one a day men’s anti fatigue multivitamin, elevit ellove’s pregnancy and lactation algal oil DHA and probiotics, have entered China through cross-border e-commerce, meeting the increasingly refined and diversified needs of Chinese consumers for health consumer products. Bayer crop science has launched and will launch a series of new plant protection products in China this year. In addition to the exhibits that have appeared in the Expo, there are also Bayer “yuenongtang”, an online one-stop learning, communication and service platform specially designed for Chinese professional growers, the wechat app of “Heisen prescription” jointly launched with hison and Dajiang, and the Bayer pesticide wastewater treatment plant Phytobac is an integrated safe medication service station with key technologies and innovations. More than 100 new varieties were displayed in the demonstration farm in April. Cherry tomato, pink fruit tomato, broccoli and other specialty varieties were widely concerned. < / P > < p > under the new development pattern of “taking the domestic big cycle as the main body and promoting the domestic and international dual circulation mutually”, Bayer expects to improve the accessibility of its products in the Chinese market by joining hands with local partners, make full use of global resources and local advantages, fully develop innovative achievements, and spare no effort to promote internal circulation and external circulation, so as to benefit more Chinese consumers. < p > < p > taking advantage of the Expo as an important window to build a “domestic and international dual cycle” pattern, Bayer held a number of heavy contract signing activities, and joined hands with Chinese pharmaceutical industry groups such as Shanghai Pharmaceutical Holdings, Sinopharm group, Jiangnan University, xianle health, Weikang biology, etc., as well as local research institutions, innovative enterprises in the field of medicine and health, and biotechnology enterprises to respond to the “double cycle” with practical actions “Ring” new economic pattern. In addition, this year, Bayer crop science cooperated with the National Agricultural Technology Extension Center to carry out the demonstration and experimental exploration of “Bayer more rice” in Chongming District of Shanghai, and demonstrated the results of improving quality and efficiency by reducing pesticide dosage and frequency, and improving rice yield and income. < / P > < p > this year, in July and August, by announcing cooperation with Casey and Hualing, Bayer will also expand the treatment field to respiratory diseases, consolidate Bayer’s leading position in the field of diabetes, and work together to promote business growth while bringing more treatment options to patients. At the same time, Bayer believes that start-ups in Asia, especially in China, will become an important force in drug innovation. In addition to targeting Chinese start-up partners with digital potential through “start-up program-g4a China”, Bayer also announced a global partnership with massbio to fully tap the potential of local early-stage entrepreneurs and help them transform innovative ideas into treatment solutions for patients. < / P > < p > in the critical year, in addition to cooperating with local enterprises and associations for mutual benefit and win-win results, Bayer has also boosted China’s internal circulation by increasing capital and expanding production, demonstrating Bayer’s firm commitment to and confidence in China’s development. Bayer announced in August that it would launch a project to increase the production capacity of prescription drugs in Beijing, with an investment amount of more than 50 million euro, in response to the growing demand of Chinese patients for high-quality drugs.

faced China’s challenges novel coronavirus pneumonia, downtime and production reduction in the first half of this year. Bayer always had the health of patients, medical staff and employees, giving full play to its strengths and resources, and actively assisting the Chinese government in helping epidemic prevention and control. At this Expo, Bayer set up an independent booth in the public health and epidemic prevention zone to show Bayer’s responsibility in the process of fighting the new epidemic, and its contribution to supporting the construction of China’s public health and epidemic prevention capacity and promoting the optimization and innovation of the global public health system. The seven key anti epidemic actions, including donation in the first time, cross-border deployment of urgently needed drugs, promotion of sharing of anti epidemic experience, rush to the front line to assemble equipment, fully guarantee the supply of drugs, care and care for doctors and nurses, help each other, and resume work and production to supply agricultural materials, which fully explains Bayer’s concept of “anti epidemic pioneer, action is better than words”. < p > < p > Bayer also announced a number of corporate social responsibility projects. Bayer medical and health care Co., Ltd. and China Rural Health Association cooperated on “going into grassroots health poverty alleviation project in Hubei Province”. Based on the strategic cooperation platform built by Bayer and the government for many years, it promoted the integration of “healthy poverty alleviation” and “healthy China” action plan. Novel coronavirus pneumonia China also announced that it will launch the Better Farms Better Lives China small farmers donation project in 2021 to provide plant protection products with a market value of about 20 million yuan to farmers in Xiangyang, Hubei, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation, and to conduct training in safe drug use. < / P > < p > in the future development, medical health and agriculture are still important development areas in China and even the global market. Bayer will further strengthen the core advantages of these two areas, shoulder corporate social responsibility, help China realize the major strategies of “healthy China” and “Rural Revitalization”, and enable Chinese people to create a better life.