Ban Nong pleads guilty to controlled fraud and money laundering

Stephen Bannon, former chief strategist of the White House, was arrested on the 20th for fraud and money laundering in a crowdfunding project to build the US Mexico border wall. At about 7:00 local time on the 20th, Bannon was taken away from a luxury yacht off the coast of Connecticut by the U.S. Postal inspection service, and then attended a federal court hearing in Manhattan via video link, refusing to plead guilty to fraud and money laundering charges. The bail is set at $5 million. Bannon, who was released on bail, left the court, took off his mask, waved to the camera and smiled, then got into the car. He said in a loud voice that he suffered because someone wanted to stop the people who were repairing the wall. < / P > < p > the three co defendants are Brian colfige, the sponsor of the “we build the wall” project, Andrew badorato, and Timothy shey, the owners of an energy drinks company. All of them are under control of fraud and money laundering. The maximum sentence for both crimes is 20 years. He was 38 years old, retired from the U.S. Air Force and lost his legs in a mortar attack in Iraq. “We build the wall” claims to want to help us president Donald Trump build a “big and beautiful” barrier on the border between the United States and Mexico. It has raised more than $25 million and donated thousands. “We build the wall” promises that 100% of the funds raised will be used to build the wall. According to the associated press, the list of participants in “we build the wall” includes former Kansas Secretary of state Chris cobak, black water founder Eric Prince and former Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo. These people are not on the prosecution list. According to the documents submitted by the prosecution on the 20th, a large amount of funds from the fund-raising projects of “we build the wall” flowed into personal pockets. Among them, Bannon took more than $1 million for personal expenses and paid corfige. < / P > < p > < p > “we build the wall” claimed that colferge would not receive money, but Bannon and the other two defendants not only paid colferge $100000 in advance, but also paid an additional $20000 a month. The defendant used false invoices, fictitious supplier contracts and non-profit organizations to cover up the transfer of funds, the indictment said. Colferge also sent an email to donors asking them to buy coffee from a coffee shop he ran because it was the only way he could “support the family’s livelihood and housing.”. < / P > < p > however, in terms of the flow of funds, colfige personally received $350000, part of which was used to purchase ships, luxury cars, golf carts, jewelry, and to pay for home renovation, cosmetic surgery, personal taxes and credit card bills. < / P > < p > according to the indictment, some donors wrote to colfige saying they were willing to believe in colfige, although they had no money and did not trust online crowdfunding. Colfige also repeatedly reiterated that all the funds raised would be used for the construction of the wall. < / P > < p > the funds received by badorato and Shea are used for travel and shopping. Around October 2019, four people knew that they might have been investigated by federal agencies and took more measures to cover up money laundering. < p > < p > The Associated Press reported that “we build walls” launched online month, raising about $17 million in the first week, alerting fund-raising platforms. The platform threatens to return funds to donors unless the funds can be transferred to legitimate non-profit organizations. Bannon and his controlled non-profit organizations were introduced at this time, and Shay’s shell company also stepped in. Trump said he had “no idea” about the project. “As I said, it’s a government business, not a private one. I think that sounds like a show off. ” In addition, he felt sorry for ban Nong, who had not dealt with him for a long time. Philip Bartlett, head of the New York office of the U.S. Postal inspection service, said the case will serve as a warning to other fraudsters, and no one is above the law, whether they are disabled veterans or wealthy political strategists. Ban Nong, 66, was once the head of Trump’s campaign team and is considered one of the main contributors to trump’s victory in 2016. After trump was elected, Bannon served as the White House chief strategist and senior adviser to the president, and was dismissed in August 2017. In the past, Blatt’s position of “defending the white people’s supremacy and advocating the Western values” was always advocated by Blatt. He now hosts a pro trump podcast called “war room,” and invited colferge as a guest the day before the indictment was released. Several trump aides, including former campaign political adviser Roger stone, former national security assistant Michael Flynn and former campaign leader Paul manaford, have been indicted by prosecutors.