Authorities have evacuated people for fear of glacier collapse in Mont Blanc, Italy

On August 7, according to the report of the European Network quoted by the European Union News Agency, under the influence of extreme high temperature weather, the ice body of the planpingxiu glacier in the valley, located in kumayor City, vallada OSTA region, Italy, is in danger of large-scale collapse at any time. On August 6, local time, Italy’s emergency Civil Defense Department launched an emergency mechanism, evacuating residents and tourists, and blocking access to the mountain. According to reports, experts organized by Italian mountain safety foundation and valleda OSTA Region Civil Defense Department recently carried out observation and evaluation on pulanpingxiu glacier in Mont Blanc mountains. About half a million cubic meters of ice are about to break away from the pulanpingxiu glacier, local officials have warned. The Mont Blanc mountains, which span Italy and France, are 4810 meters above sea level, and hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Dengfeng every year. According to recent monitoring data, the pulanpingxiu glacier on the southern side of the Mont Blanc mountains moves down about 0.6 to 1 meter a day, and the glacier is gradually peeling away from the mountain. According to Italian experts, due to climate factors, Mont Blanc is undergoing a period of major changes. At this time, mountain glaciers have become very fragile and may collapse in large areas at any time. Experts said that the next three days will be a high-risk period of glacier collapse, and then the temperature in the Mont Blanc mountains will show a downward trend, and the risk of glacier collapse will gradually decrease. On the morning of August 6, local time, with the cooperation of gendarmerie, police, fire police and relevant departments of kumayor City, the Civil Defense Department of vallada OSTA region started to evacuate residents in pulanpingxiu city and other places, and at the same time, evacuated 50 tourists for sightseeing in the mountain. At present, the evacuees have been placed in hotels and reception centers, and authorities have blocked all access roads in the area.