“Authentic medicinal materials standard collection” officially released to help the inheritance and protection of genuine medicinal materials

Beijing learned from the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine on October 21 that the “collection of standards for genuine medicinal materials” jointly drafted by academician Huang Luqi, President of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, and organized by the Chinese medicine resource center of the Chinese Academy of Chinese medicine, has recently been officially published, which contains more than 150 kinds of authentic medicinal materials standards. Authentic medicinal materials are representative of Chinese traditional high-quality medicinal materials, which are selected through long-term clinical application of traditional Chinese medicine. They are produced in specific regions and have better quality and curative effect than the same kind of Chinese herbal medicines produced in other regions, and have a high reputation. With the continuous development of traditional Chinese medicine, the demand for traditional Chinese medicine has increased significantly. There are some problems in the development of genuine medicinal materials, such as disorderly development of resources, non-standard production, and insufficient inheritance of traditional technology. Therefore, it is urgent to inherit and protect them. Standardization is a crucial step. According to the selection principle of “one hundred years of history and three generations of Materia Medica”, academician Huang Luqi led an expert team to systematically sort out the literature and materials of ancient Chinese Materia Medica, medical books and local chronicles, and carried out comprehensive and in-depth textual research of Materia Medica. Meanwhile, taking into account the development of science and technology, taking into account the current production situation, combining literature research with field investigation, academician Huang Luqi has promoted and continued the past dynasties to this day More than 150 kinds of genuine medicinal materials approved by the bed are standardized in standard form. These standards have made detailed requirements on the source, plant morphology, historical evolution, genuine area, habitat characteristics and quality characteristics of genuine medicinal materials. In August 2019, the series of standards were reviewed by the Chinese society of traditional Chinese medicine and officially released for implementation. According to experts, compiling and publishing the standards of genuine medicinal materials is an important measure to promote the establishment of production technology standard system and grade evaluation system of genuine medicinal materials, which will further promote the inheritance and protection of genuine Chinese medicinal materials and make important contributions to the development of Chinese traditional medicine industry.