Australia’s total number of new crown diagnosis nearly 20000, Victoria state introduced strict measures

As of August 6, local time, 19890 new crown cases and 255 deaths have been confirmed in Australia, according to the Australian website on August 6. There were 471 new cases and 8 deaths in Weizhou. According to the report, the implementation of new measures for employees in Guanzhou was started due to the severe situation of local employees. At the same time, people in Victoria need to bring work permits to prove that they have a legitimate reason to go out, otherwise they will face a fine. < p > < p > starting from June 6, most retail stores in downtown Melbourne, Victoria will be closed, and construction sites and production activities will be reduced. Employees who still need to go out to work need to carry work permits with them to prove that they have legitimate work reasons to go out. Medical, supermarket retail and other positions of staff can also use their own official staff credentials. Companies that issue work permits to employees who do not meet the requirements will face a fine of up to a $99123. On the 6th, Australian Federal Health Minister hunt called on Uighurs to support each other during the state’s strict restrictions and stressed the availability of mental health support services, the report said. Meanwhile, hunt said he would enter a 14 day quarantine period this weekend to attend a parliamentary meeting in Canberra later this month. Earlier this month, acting chief medical officer Kelly said that starting from the 24th of this month, all members of Parliament and senators in Victoria will need to be isolated for 14 days before they can participate in the Federal Parliament.