Australia’s severe epidemic situation and the federal government’s rescue plan

China News Agency Sydney August 7 Victoria, Australia’s most severe anti epidemic situation, added hundreds of new confirmed cases on August 7. The federal government is pushing the rescue plan again to help more people in trouble. According to local media reports, there were 450 new cases in Weizhou on the 7th, which was 725 cases on the 5th and 471 cases on the 6th. New South Wales added 11 cases on the same day.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said through the WeChat official account that we must help Vitoria overcome the difficulties, because Australia’s future depends on the next few weeks and months. In view of the serious economic impact on Victoria and Australia, the federal government announced that it would relax the eligibility requirements of “jobkeeper” allowance on the same day, with an additional investment of $15 billion. < p > < p > < p > Morrison said that if Uighurs need to be quarantined because they have tested positive for new coronavirus or have had close contact with people who have tested positive, they should not go to work. The federal government has announced a new disaster relief package for sick leave, with $1500 a fortnight for people who have taken sick leave. The federal government is also doing its best to provide support to Victoria, with more than 1600 national defense forces personnel working in Victoria to help fight the epidemic, as well as a team of medical experts from the Australian medical assistance group. < p > < p > Morrison stressed that protecting the safety of Australians has always been our top priority. We have to keep Australia strong, we have to keep Australia safe, we have to bring Australia together. We’re going through the ordeal together, and we’re going through it together.