Australian nurses refused to wear N95 mask when nursing new crown patients, unfortunately infected with virus

A nurse in Melbourne, Australia, refused to wear a N95 mask and eventually became infected with the new coronavirus, triggering concerns about the safety of medical staff from the federal and state governments. Recently, a young Melbourne nurse, worried about being infected with the new coronavirus, asked the hospital management to provide better personal protective equipment. “I asked for N95 masks when I was looking after patients diagnosed with a new crown, but I was told by the hospital that it was unnecessary and there was no scientific basis,” she said. Instead, the hospital gave me a surgical mask and a plastic mask After < / P > < p > the nurse developed severe muscle pain, fever and headache, and immediately received a nucleic acid test, which was positive. In response, she said: “this is my biggest fear. I have asked the hospital for N95 masks many times, and I am very worried about being infected. I am willing to help patients, but should my health be sacrificed? ” According to the report, the Australian federal and state health authorities have different opinions on what type of mask should be worn by medical staff in the treatment of confirmed and suspected patients. The health and Human Services Department of Virginia has recently updated its recommendation for healthcare workers to wear N95 masks when treating infected or suspected infected people. The federal government said it would adopt the view of Australia’s deputy chief medical officer, cotsworth, that only surgical masks should be worn instead of N95 to care for confirmed patients.