At the beginning of polling day, the biggest loser in the US election has been confirmed?

On November 3, local time, the United States ushered in the election polling day once every four years. When American voters begin to enter polling stations on polling day, it is still uncertain who trump or Biden will win. However, the US election is chaotic, and the biggest loser has already surfaced. In the electoral system that American politicians are proud of, the election campaign should be a process of policy debate, rational discussion and political consensus. But in this American election, it is full of vulgarity, defamation and mutual attack. The two candidates even criticized each other on the issue of China, which was not related to the US election campaign. What is particularly surprising to the outside world is that the TV debate, which should have focused on policy issues, has almost completely degenerated into personal attacks, especially the first debate between trump and Biden, which is the worst example of so-called western democracy. The Washington Post called it “the worst debate” and “a disgrace.”. The Wall Street Journal, on the other hand, said the debate was absurd and “frustrating.”. In any political system, finding the “greatest common divisor” of the will and demand of the whole society should be the goal pursued by politicians. According to the system design of the United States, the goal of seeking the “greatest common divisor” of public opinion depends largely on elections. However, in this American general election, the two parties’ struggle has caused unprecedented tearing of American society. < p > < p > < p > the Washington Post has noted that the opposition between the left and the right in the United States seems to have reached a point of irreconcilability. Both regard the other side as a “devil” and “in the eyes of many Americans, if the other side wins, the future will be dark.”. According to the Russian newspaper, “the torn and polarized American society is actually on the verge of a serious internal conflict”. Germany’s “business daily” believes that “the hatred to draw a line with the so-called elite and distrust of the democratic system are the symptoms of a modern cultural war”. Some people say that the United States of America is likely to become a “secessionist country of the United States of America”. There is a saying in American Politics: “money is the breast milk of politics.” In this American election, money politics has been particularly strong. According to Agence France Presse reported on the 1st, this year’s US election campaign has broken the previous record of spending, presidential candidates have spent $6.6 billion, 2 billion more than trump and Hillary Clinton four years ago. According to statistics, on the eve of voting day on November 3, campaign spending totaled more than $14 billion, of which $7 billion was spent on congressional elections. The United States has always regarded itself as a “beacon of democracy”, claiming that the American people have the right to participate in public affairs, elect and supervise the government. However, with the popularity of money politics, the influence of the rich class on American politics is growing, while the influence of ordinary voters is becoming weaker and weaker. Money politics deprives ordinary American voters of their democratic rights and suppresses the expression of the true will of the American people. < / P > < p > as noted by Russia daily, an unprecedented number of Americans have questioned the transparency of the US election. According to Gallup’s October poll, only 59% of Americans believe that votes will be counted correctly. It was 76% in 2004 and 66% in 2016. It can be seen that the confidence of Americans in their own electoral system has dropped sharply. In addition, according to the public opinion survey network, only one in ten Europeans believe that the US election is completely free and honest. There is no doubt that these data have fundamentally shaken the image of the “free world” of the United States, and some even call this election a “memorial ceremony of American democracy”. The paradox is that even one of the candidates in the US presidential election has doubted the fairness of the election many times before the polling day. This has raised concerns about the possibility of large-scale mass movements in the United States after the election. The post election riots were originally the phenomenon of the “third world” in the eyes of American politicians, but now they are increasingly worried by the American elites. < / P > < p > in such a chaotic election in the United States, it is difficult to predict the outcome of the donkey elephant battle. But in any case, the American people may become the biggest losers in this election. This is the sorrow of the American people, but also the sorrow of the American politicians!