At the beginning, behind the scenes of Rendong holding: a number of players hiding in the enterprise chicken feather

In a short period of more than ten days, Rendong Holdings (002647), which used to be the strongest A-share maker, was instantly returned to its original shape. However, the story of the stock market turmoil is far from over. < / P > < p > “recently, due to the case of Rendong holding, several persons in charge of the financing party involved in the dealer have been taken away by the police one after another. This year’s Chinese new year must have been in it.” Recently, people close to Jiangsu and Zhejiang distribution resources circle told the securities times · e company that now people in Jiangsu and Zhejiang distribution resources circle are in danger, and those who run fast have gone out (abroad) to avoid the wind. This is also the reason why many A-share listed companies have collapsed one after another in the recent capital market. < / P > < p > when it comes to Rendong holdings, which has 14 consecutive limit declines, many people’s first impression may be that there are corpses everywhere. I’m afraid few people have noticed that behind this rare killing, there are participants who have become winners, and they retreat and walk away on the eve of the crash. This participant is Beijing Haidian Technology Financial Capital Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “haikejin group”). < / P > < p > careful investors may find that the role played by haikejin group is very intriguing, from entering Rendong holdings to finally retreating and detonating 14 consecutive down limits. < / P > < p > time goes back to a year and a half ago. On the evening of July 30, 2019, Rendong holdings announced the change of ownership: haikejin group will obtain 28.94% of the voting rights of Rendong holdings through the way of “transfer of voting rights + persons acting in concert”, and the actual controller of the listed company will change from Huodong to SASAC of Haidian District, Beijing. < p > < p > according to the public information, haikejin group was established in 2010 with a registered capital of 2.733 billion yuan. It is a state-owned science and technology financial service group in Haidian District of Beijing, which integrates four financial service platforms of creditor’s rights, equity, asset management and assistance. < / P > < p > in fact, before haikejin group took over, Rendong holdings was very strange in the secondary market. The daily turnover of several trading days was less than 5 million yuan, just like the trend of “loom”, and the signs of Zhuangzi trading were very obvious. < / P > < p > in this transaction, haikejin group is not a free service. According to the agreement, the trusteeship period of the voting rights of both parties is one year. After the expiration of the period, the trustee may unilaterally decide to extend the trusteeship period, but the extension period shall not exceed one year. The annual custody fee should be 20 million yuan. < p > < p > under the custody of state-owned haijinke group, the share price of Rendong holdings rose from about 16 yuan / share at the beginning to 64.72 yuan / share, up more than four times. And on November 18 this year, shortly after the announcement of the departure of haikejin group, “stampede” tragedy immediately staged. < / P > < p > “judging from what happened in the future, Rendong group (Huodong holding 99%) did not intend to sell the shell at all. At the beginning of this year, Rendong group still wanted to win * ST Huaxun, how could it give up the shell of Rendong holding?” Industry analysis of reporters. In January 2020, * ST Huaxun announced that Wu Guangsheng, the controlling shareholder of Huaxun technology and the actual controller of the company, signed a framework agreement with Rendong group. Rendong group plans to acquire at least 51% equity of Huaxun technology through capital increase of Huaxun technology and equity transfer of Huaxun technology, so as to achieve a controlling position. On December 10, * ST Huaxun received a notice from Huaxun technology. At present, due to the failure of the two sides to reach an agreement on the cooperation matters in the agreement, the cooperation and consultation between the two sides has been terminated. < / P > < p > “a few years ago, when the P2P industry was in vogue, many P2P platforms attracted state-owned enterprises and listed companies for endorsement in order to add money to themselves.” The above-mentioned industry insiders said that although haikejin group did not bring substantial business cooperation or financial resources, the trusteeship of haikejin group with the background of state-owned assets provided an opportunity for the “speculation” of the share price of Rendong holdings to a certain extent. < / P > < p > according to the official website, haikejin group is the first comprehensive financial service platform for technology-based small, medium and micro enterprises in Beijing. Tianyan check shows that the company’s staff size is less than 50, the number of insured is 29. < / P > < p > in order to see the real face of haikejin group, a special reporter of securities times came to Xinaote science and technology building, the office of haikejin group, located in the West Fourth Ring of Beijing. < / P > < p > different from the bustling and bustling areas where other office buildings gather, the new Aote technology building is slightly lonely. There are no other office buildings around. The front door faces a narrow path, which makes people feel very quiet around. This sense of quietness has continued until the reporter entered the hall of new Aote technology building. Except for the occasional decorators passing by, only the festive slogans and photos of relevant personnel in the hall show the popularity of the office building. < / P > < p > did not stop too much, the reporter took the elevator to the fifth floor where haikejin group is located. As soon as the elevator door opened, the front desk of haikejin just a few meters away came into view. Before we had time to look at the surrounding environment, the sharp front desk staff began to ask the reporter what he wanted to do, and told him that only by making an appointment in advance can we help contact, otherwise we can’t go in. Reporters want to know more about other information, all with “do not know” response. < / P > < p > after the negotiation with the front desk staff failed, the reporter met a middle-aged man on the first floor of the building. The reporter tried to ask if the other party worked here. After getting a positive reply, he briefly introduced the situation of haikejin to the reporter, pointed to the other side of the building and said: “the pawn shop over there is also haikejin’s < / P > < p > when the reporter asked if there were any investors making trouble in haikejin recently? The above-mentioned middle-aged man thought for a while and said, “which company has no problem, it doesn’t affect your work.” < / P > < p > in July 2018, haikejin group took over the control of the former controlling shareholder, blue sky Longxiang, at a price of 1 yuan, thus indirectly holding 17.9% of the shares of the listed company. Later, Haixin asset of Haike gold company controlled 29.98% shares of Jinyi culture by means of judicial auction and subscription for additional shares. Subsequently, haikejin group entrusted 100% equity of Haixin assets to haishangjian under the SASAC of Haidian District for management. After the adjustment, although the actual controller of Jinyi culture has not changed, haikejin group actually withdrew from the management of the listed company. < / P > < p > how many of the above commitments have been fulfilled? Rendong holdings once announced that it would apply for a loan of 1 billion yuan and 2 billion yuan from haikejin group in November 2019 and April 2020. However, in reply to the inquiry letter of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Rendong Holdings said that as of November 25, 2020, the company’s accumulated loan balance from haikejin group was only 145 million yuan. Specifically, in February 2020 and may 2020, the company borrowed 50 million yuan and 95 million yuan from haikejin group respectively It’s a million yuan. According to the relevant loan agreement, the above loan period is 2 years. < p > < p > in early 2019, Rendong holdings participated in the capital increase project of haikejin group, and subscribed 82.6446 million shares of haikejin with 150 million yuan, accounting for 3.0236%. In 2020, the exchange condition for haikejin group to issue a loan of 145 million yuan through Beijing Branch of industrial bank is that Rendong holdings will pledge all the shares of haikejin group to Beijing Haidian Technology Enterprise Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of haikejin group, as a guarantee. < / P > < p > in other words, haikejin group is actually a zero cost owner of Rendong holdings for one year, and it also charges an annual custody fee of 20 million yuan. In exchange, before the collapse of Rendong holdings, the price rose four times. Shortly after hekkin group announced its departure, the tragedy of “stampede” was staged. < / P > < p > the intersection of Huo Dong and haikejin group can be traced back to at least two years ago. According to the announcement, in December 2018, Rendong holdings plans to invest in the capital increase project of Beijing Haidian Science and Technology Financial Capital Holding Group Co., Ltd. with its own funds and self raised funds of no more than 150 million yuan. In May 2019, haikejin group completed the capital increase. However, in the process of haikejin group’s capital increase, Huodong and Rendong holdings are not alone. < / P > < p > according to the equity change path of haijinke, on May 14, 2019, the “small partners” who participated together also included: Tianxia Smart City Technology Co., Ltd., Dongfang Wangli Technology Co., Ltd., dachachou (Shanghai) Network Technology Co., Ltd., Dawen Zhongqing Da cultural tourism development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Dongfang Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and dazzle Network Co., Ltd Company, Zhongrun Lianhua international investment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and KunDing Investment Management Group Co., Ltd. hold 7.06%, 6.05%, 3.67%, 3.02%, 3.02%, 2.38%, 2.02% and 1.01% shares respectively. < / P > < p > in this expansion, companies such as Tianxia wisdom (now named * ST Tianxia), Dongfang Wangli (now named st Wangli), dazzle network, Dazha counter and so on, which appear with new faces, do not look simple. < p > < p > * Xia Jiantong, former chairman of St Tianxia, has played capital games in A-share market in recent years. In 2014, Xia Jiantong “took over” Sofitel (current name: * ST Tianxia); in 2015, Xia Jiantong, together with other shareholders, successfully took over lotus monosodium glutamate (current name: Lotus Health); in 2016, Xia Jiantong also included remote cable (current name: St remote). < / P > < p > originally, the market thought that the admission of this Harvard gifted youth could reverse the fate of * ST Tianxia, lotus health and St remote. As everyone knows, during the operation of the above companies, Xia Jiantong had a lot of bad deeds, and the third people’s Court of Beijing once offered a reward of 300000 people. < p > < p > in December 2019, Liu Guangjun, the former actual controller of St net power, received the decision on administrative supervision measures issued by Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau, involving illegal guarantee, fund occupation and many other issues, involving a total amount of 1.45 billion yuan. After the state-owned assets of Sichuan became the owner, St net continued to make “Tianlei”, with a loss of 3.19 billion yuan that year. < / P > < p > in addition, the actual controllers of dazzle trace network and Da Cha cabinet are Li Hualiang and Li Hualei. Among them, Li Hualiang is the actual controller of Zhongying Internet. In 2019, Zhongying Internet suffered a huge loss of more than 1.3 billion yuan due to the explosion of goodwill. This year, Zhongying Internet, which has “rubbed” the concept of digital currency, has turned its attention to the “online Red live broadcast” market, but it still fails to reverse the financial dilemma. The recent announcement shows that the products of the company’s directional financing instruments have been overdue. < / P > < p > tianyancha shows that Dazha cabinet, which claims to be an Internet Finance and tax service platform, is now a dishonest enterprise publicized by the Supreme People’s court. Since October 2020, Da Cha cabinet has been issued more than 10 execution cases by Pudong New Area People’s court, but all of them have not been fulfilled. < / P > < p > in 2020, the performance of Rendong Holdings has been declining. In the third quarter, the company’s revenue increased by 89.77% year-on-year, but its net profit decreased by 144.50% year-on-year, with a loss of 21.923 million yuan, a decrease of 144.5% year-on-year. Since the beginning of this year, the company’s overall gross profit rate has also begun to decline sharply, from 25.59% last year to 9.11%. By the end of the third quarter, the current liabilities of Rendong holdings were 2.3 billion yuan, the principal and interest of financial institutions were 641 million yuan, the operating liabilities were 332 million yuan, and the other current liabilities were 1.327 billion yuan. Although the monetary capital on the company’s book was 1.365 billion yuan, the restricted capital was 1.314 billion yuan, accounting for 96%. At the same time, Rendong holdings also faces the risk of goodwill impairment. According to the third quarter report of Rendong holdings, as of the end of the third quarter, the company’s goodwill was about 999 million yuan. In the same period, the net assets of the company was 966 million yuan, that is to say, as of the end of the third quarter, the goodwill of Rendong holdings accounted for 103.40% of the net assets. < / P > < p > in A-share companies