At least 34 infant care service demonstration institutions will be built in Beijing in 5 years

Beijing on October 2929 learned from the Beijing Municipal Commission of health and health that in order to promote the development of infant care services, Beijing will plan to build no less than 34 infant care service institutions with demonstration effect from 2020 to 2025; for new residential areas with more than 10000 people, it will build infant care service facilities according to the plan of no less than 4 nurseries per 1000 people. According to the introduction, in recent years, in order to meet the people’s “child care” needs, Beijing has vigorously promoted the construction of public places and employers’ maternal and infant facilities, providing convenient conditions for breastfeeding and infant travel. According to the official of Beijing Municipal Health Commission, the work of infant care service in Beijing is still in its infancy. In the future, in terms of financial support, priority will be given to supporting community-based and inclusive infant care service institutions, focusing on public welfare inclusive scientific child care guidance activities, scientific research, personnel training and construction of community children’s centers. < p > < p > in addition, Beijing has included infant care service practitioners into the scope of training programs for urgently needed talents, and supports district governments to incorporate infant care services into the scope of urban and rural community services. In terms of supporting various units to set up service institutions, it will also be clear that the required funds can be disbursed from labor union funds and welfare expenses according to regulations.