At least 14 people were killed when an Indian airliner crashed out of the runway and broke in two

China News Agency, Kathmandu, August 7, New Delhi: an Air India airliner crashed out of the runway and broke into two when landing at kallikat International Airport in karipur, southern India, on the evening of 7, killing at least one pilot, including 14 people.

India novel coronavirus pneumonia reported that the plane was flying from Dubai to kalipul, and was taken back from Dubai by India residents for the new crown pneumonia epidemic. < / P > < p > the incident time was about 19:41, when the rain was heavy in the airport area. From the existing scene pictures, the plane has broken into two pieces, surrounded by debris. Fortunately, there was no fire at the scene of the accident. Allan Kumar, director of the Civil Aviation Administration of India, said the plane did not land properly. The rescue operation is in progress and we are also investigating the cause of the accident.