At least 100 students in Japan were diagnosed with heatstroke

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been associated with the emergence of heatstroke in Japan. The heat stroke symptoms are similar to those of new crown pneumonia. Two cases of miscarriage cases occurred this month, which caused the spread of the epidemic and caused great pressure on Japanese medical institutions.

novel coronavirus pneumonia reported that 22 people reported that after the heat stroke, the body temperature would rise and feel tired, which is similar to the initial symptoms of new crown pneumonia. On the 5th of this month, several male students in a high school in Songjiang city suddenly had a fever. The school mistook it as heatstroke. The novel coronavirus pneumonia infection rate was increased due to the lack of timely nucleic acid testing, which ultimately resulted in at least 100 confirmed infections. Japanese occupation have a fever novel coronavirus pneumonia in early August. The team members thought that they were heatstroke and suggested that they should be given fluids. After that, the diagnosis of 12 cases of new crown pneumonia had caused the infection. Novel coronavirus pneumonia,

Shimizu Keiki, a doctor at Tokyo Tama medical center, said that if no examination was conducted, it was impossible to tell whether it was heatstroke or new crown pneumonia. Therefore, the hospital in which patients were sent to let down the symptoms of heat stroke should undergo PCR examination in principle. In the week from August 13 to 19, 1533 people in Tokyo were rushed to hospitals for suspected heat stroke, according to the Tokyo Fire Department. Among them, it took more than 20 minutes to decide which hospital to send to, and patients were rejected by more than five hospitals, with an average of 74 cases per day.