Asia and Afghanistan accused each other of launching attacks, and a new round of cease-fire ended in less than four minutes

According to Russian satellite network reports, at 0:00 local time on the 18th, a cease-fire between Armenian and Azerbaijani countries began. However, the cease-fire lasted only a few minutes, and the fighting started again. Subsequently, the two countries accused each other of violating the cease-fire agreement. It is reported that the Armenian foreign ministry has previously said that the two countries have decided to cease fire at 0:00 local time on October 18, and the Information Office of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Azerbaijan has also confirmed the decision. However, the end of the war resumed within less than four minutes of the cease-fire. In response, Armenian Defense Ministry spokesman Stephanian said, “despite the announcement of a new humanitarian cease-fire, the Azerbaijani armed forces once again violently violated the agreement. Before 7:20 local time, Azerbaijani launched an attack in the southern direction with artillery fire to occupy a favorable position. There were casualties on both sides. ” Previously, she said that Azerbaijani shelled from 0:04 to 2:45 on the northern side of the 18th and missile attacks from 2:20 to 2:45 in the south direction. However, the Azerbaijani side accused the Armenian side of breaking the cease-fire agreement. The information service of the Ministry of defense of Afghanistan pointed out that “although a new round of humanitarian cease-fire has been announced from 0:00 on October 18, the Armenian armed forces once again violently violated the agreement and bombed the jebraire town area and villages and towns along the banks of the ARAS river with mortars and artillery at night, and our forces have taken appropriate response measures.” On September 27, a new round of conflict broke out between Asia and Afghanistan in the Naka region. Both sides accused the other party of violating the previous cease-fire agreement and launching a military attack first. In recent days, the conflict has caused hundreds of deaths, including civilians. On October 9, at the invitation of Russia, the foreign ministers of Asia and Afghanistan arrived in Moscow for talks. Both sides agreed to cease fire in the Naka region from noon on October 10, but both sides continued to accuse the other party of breaking the cease-fire.