Army Engineering University ordnance Sergeant school held the first Senior Sergeant chief Forum

On December 19, the first “Senior Sergeant chief forum” held by the ordnance Sergeant School of the Army Engineering University was held in Wuhan. Ten first-class sergeants from the army, rocket army, joint logistics support force and other units had an in-depth discussion on Sergeant personnel training with the officers and soldiers of the school, and jointly made suggestions for building “ordnance Sergeant personnel training base”. < / P > < p > after more than 30 years of exploration and practice, China’s Sergeant education has made remarkable achievements, and a large number of sergeant talents have stepped onto important posts and become the backbone of the army’s transformation and construction. At present, the reform of national defense and army construction has been carried out in depth, and the training of non commissioned officers is facing new challenges and requirements. Holding the Senior Sergeant chief forum is an effective exploration and practice of running Sergeant education well and strengthening personnel training under the new situation. < / P > < p > it is reported that all of the ten first-class sergeants graduated from the Army Engineering University and are well-known experts in their respective fields. The Senior Sergeant chief forum lasted for three days. Through various forms such as deeds report, exchange speech, visiting and learning, teacher-student discussion and so on, the Senior Sergeant chief and the sergeant cadets face-to-face, summarize and share their own experience, help the young cadets take the first step of “the beginning of a sergeant”, and focus on the theory teaching, operation practice and ideological and political education groups of the professional courses most needed by the military sergeants The new methods of training non commissioned officers were studied with the experts and teachers of the University. < / P > < p > “for this kind of fault, it is necessary to measure its voltage first, and learn to bypass by analogy…” In the workshop of a power station, Zhan Wu, the “sword doctor”, gave an explanation and demonstration to the sergeant students, imparting his valuable experience over the years. < / P > < p > Xu Jun, President of the ordnance Sergeant School of the Army Engineering University, said that the new round of scientific and technological revolution has a profound impact on the ways and methods of sergeant personnel training. Holding the Senior Sergeant chief forum is an exploration to gather forces to strengthen the army, forge Ordnance talents, and strive to create a new situation of sergeant personnel training, so that Sergeant education can concentrate on “teaching military books and cultivating military kings”.