Armenian says Turkish F-16 fighters shot down runner up

Tbilisi, September 29, Yerevan news: Armenian Defense Ministry spokesman Stephanian said on the 29th that a Turkish air force F-16 fighter plane shot down an Asian air force Su-25 fighter plane in Armenian airspace that day. However, both Azerbaijan and Turkey deny this. On the same day, Armenian news agency quoted stepanian’s official social media account as saying that Turkey’s F-16 fleet took off from the airport of Azerbaijan on the same day to provide cover for Azerbaijani military aircraft. One of the F-16 fighters shot down an Asian air force Su-25, which was operating in Armenian airspace. According to Turkish media reports on the 29th, fahrden Alton, director of the Turkish information office, denied in a statement that the Turkish military aircraft had shot down Armenian fighters. On the 27th, a new round of conflict broke out between Azerbaijan and Armenian in the Naka region. Both sides accused the other party of violating the cease-fire agreement and launching the first military attack. The Naka region is located in the southwest of Azerbaijan and its residents are mostly Armenian. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, a war broke out between Azerbaijan and Armenian in order to fight for Naka, and Armenian occupied part of the territory originally belonging to Azerbaijan around Naka. In 1994, Azerbaijani and Armenian reached an agreement on a comprehensive cease-fire, but the two countries have been in a state of hostility over the issue of Naka, and armed conflicts between the two sides have occurred from time to time.