Armed with guns and protestors face off American Internet Celebrities attend Republican convention

Patricia and mark McCullough, a couple of “Internet celebrities” in St. Louis, Missouri, delivered a speech via video based on the Republican Convention on the 24th. The McCloskey couple, who were accused of brandishing outside their homes to confront the protestors in June, have become “popular” in the United States. According to the US Capitol Hill newspaper, the McCloskey strongly attacked in their speech and believed that they did not provide basic security guarantee for citizens. < / P > < p > “what you see in me is likely to happen to you in the future.” At the beginning of the speech, Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey, looking at the camera with a dignified expression, narrated to the audience. They accused people of no longer regarding “the government’s work as protecting honest citizens from criminals”, but “protecting criminals from honest citizens”. In their speech, Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey said that it would be very dangerous for American families if the candidate was elected president. “We will never be free to build a brighter future for ourselves, our children and our country if our communities do not have basic security,” she added. “That’s the focus of this election and why we have to choose trump.” < / P > < p > in addition, in response to candidate Joe Biden’s policy of abolishing single family residential districts in the suburbs and creating “small cities,” Patricia accused it of bringing crime, illegal and low-quality apartments into today’s prosperous suburban communities.