Arcfox α T will be launched on October 24 with a maximum range of 653km

, arcfox new pure electric medium SUV – α T will be officially launched on October 24. The new car has been pre sold at Beijing auto show, with a pre-sale price range of 250000-330000 yuan. < / P > < p > in the appearance part, arcfox α t continues the overall design outline of the ECF concept car released before. The front face adopts a closed air intake grille, and the shape of the headlights and the heat sinks on both sides are very sharp. The overall appearance is quite aggressive. < / P > < p > the rear of the car is still dynamic. There is a hollow out design in the middle of the semi enclosed spoiler extended from the roof. The openings on both sides of the lower bumper echo each other with the front face. Of course, the current popular through taillights are not absent in arcfox α t. < / P > < p > the powertrain of arcfox α t is jointly built by Siemens, Valeo, Borg Warner and other international parts enterprises. It uses a four-wheel drive system with dual motors, and the comprehensive maximum power and torque are 320kw and 720nm respectively. The new car is equipped with a battery pack made by sk of South Korea, which has two capacities of 67kwh and 93.6kwh. The corresponding driving range under NEDC condition is 480km and 653km respectively. < / P > < p > at the Beijing auto show, arcfox extreme fox α t has started pre-sale. From the pre-sale information, we can see that the new car has standard version and S + version in 480km and 653km respectively. Plus the four-wheel drive performance version, there will be five new models in advance. The pre selling price ranges from RMB 250000 to RMB 330000. Please continue to pay attention to e-Car, which will bring the first time new car report.