Approaching 6 million cases, what’s wrong with the United States?

How can a country with top medical and economic performance become the most epidemic country in the world? The four mistakes made by the United States in the past six months may explain this contradiction. < / P > < p > however, the reality is hard to face. It’s been five months since the United States was labeled “the most epidemic country in the world”, but it still hasn’t been torn off. Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases have been approached by 6 million cases in Beijing at 3 p.m. in August 31st, according to the real-time data of Johns Hopkins University. At the time of August 31st, the number of deaths has exceeded 180 thousand cases and is experiencing second peaks: more than 40 thousand people are diagnosed each day, still the super epicenter of the world epidemic. < / P > < p > How can a country with top medical and economic performance become the country with the most serious epidemic situation in the world? The four mistakes made by the United States in the past six months may explain this contradiction. < / P > < p > in the past few months, the outbreak points around the world have been sending out early warning signals. In February, the cruise ship “Diamond Princess” docked in Yokohama, Japan, became a culture dish of the virus, and a super disseminator appeared in South Korea. In March, the death toll of Iran’s top officials, Italy and Spain soared, and the city was closed. The “take-off” of the number of confirmed cases in these countries was earlier than that in the United States. < / P > < p > however, lessons learned from the past have not attracted the attention of the United States. A few weeks after Italy became a hot spot of the epidemic, the United States continued to allow 140000 passengers to enter the United States from Italy, and also allowed 1.7 million people from other European countries to enter the United States, without any preventive measures of temperature detection or isolation for 14 days. The New York Times wrote an article criticizing the early failure of large-scale detection of suspected cases in the United States, which made the United States “missing a month” and missed the best time to contain the epidemic. < / P > < p > March is a key battle for the United States. In less than a month, the confirmed cases in the United States suddenly “took off”, and soon became the new “epicenter” of the global epidemic. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by the guardian in the United States and Korea. The first case of new crown pneumonia was confirmed almost simultaneously in late January. However, the response to the epidemic was almost “bipolar”, which be quite different from the current epidemic situation in the two countries. < / P > < p > therefore, around April, as soon as new cases began to decline, the United States could not wait to reopen. On April 16, President trump announced plans for reopening: States can decide their own return date and lift the March ban. < / P > < p > within a few weeks after the States reopened, the virus began to spread. According to the analysis of the times, those cities that opened first tend to have more serious outbreaks. Especially representative is the “sunshine zone” including Florida, Texas and Arizona. The Republican governors of these states followed in the footsteps of the White House and quickly restarted the economy. They thought they could help the election, but they led to a sharp rise in the number of newly diagnosed cases and hospitalizations. On the contrary, they became Trump’s weakness for re-election. On the contrary, New York State, which was the worst hit area of the epidemic, realized the counter attack. On March 15, the mayor of New York was still encouraging people to go to bars nearby. At the end of March, the leaders of New York State obviously realized the problem and completely changed their direction. On TV, they began to remind people repeatedly to stay at home. When other states were unsealed, New York state didn’t do that. The effect is obvious: by June, New York and surrounding states had the lowest transmission rate in the United States. < / P > < p > in the face of another outbreak of the epidemic, according to US media statistics, 15 states in the United States have announced to suspend and restart their economic plans, which together cover almost half of the population and GDP of the United States. < / P > < p > as time said, “there is no reason for the richest country in the world to choose between saving the economy and saving lives.”. < / P > < p > according to the analysis of Yangcheng Evening News, trump believes that if he wears a mask, it will appear that the epidemic situation is serious, and it will be difficult to restart US economic activities. If the economy is not good, it will inevitably affect our election. Despite the suspicion of cheating, trump does associate not wearing a mask with re-election. < / P > < p > trump has repeatedly satirized Biden, the 2020 candidate, for wearing a mask, saying that the reporter wearing the mask was just out of “political correctness”. Biden and others repeatedly criticized trump for not wearing a mask, saying that he made a wrong demonstration. < / P > < p > the two parties’ standing in line on the issue of masks has led to the possibility that people and relatives “always wear masks”, which is twice as likely as the Republicans and pro Republicans represented by trump. And Republicans are more likely than others to say that they rarely or never wear masks. < p > < p > Brett giruval, assistant secretary of health and human services of the United States, once said that the recent rise of the epidemic is mainly due to the sharp increase in the number of cases in the southern and Western States, and the recent local outbreaks in these states are mainly due to the fact that the groups under 35 do not wear masks or do not wear masks when gathering activities Keep social distance. < / P > < p > however, with the rebound of the epidemic in the United States, in an interview on July 1, trump changed his words and said, “I totally agree with wearing masks.” This is also due to political considerations. According to the analysis of CNN, the international financial times and other media, the epidemic situation in the United States is neither as “harmless” as trump said, nor disappeared as he hoped, but has not been alleviated at all. The public are increasingly dissatisfied with Trump’s epidemic prevention measures. The public opinion survey shows that trump lags behind Biden a lot. At this time, the image of not wearing a mask may not get any points. On the contrary, wearing a mask may make people feel that it is a manifestation of serious epidemic prevention. < / P > < p > it is not the first time that the United States has contradicted itself in the face of the epidemic, from no need of masks to full support of wearing masks. Since the outbreak, many statements made by President trump and infectious disease experts have been confusing. Novel coronavirus pneumonia,

, told CNN that they have been trying to coordinate the response of the new crown pneumonia outbreak, but their efforts are always constrained by the White House because politicians in Washington are more concerned about politics than science. The White House’s practice has worsened the epidemic and has made the 73 year old CDC marginalized. It’s a supportive department, so one official said their biggest worry is that their scientific work is always behind politics. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is novel coronavirus pneumonia. According to the statistics of the US population Bureau, the African American population accounts for only 13.4% of the US population. But it has become the highest death rate among all races in the United States. As of August 4th, 80.4 of every 100 thousand African Americans died of NEP, while the figure was only 35.9 in whites, and the difference between the two was two times more than that of

. A survey conducted by NPR in Tennessee found that the majority of NCV tests in Memphis were conducted in white dominated communities rather than African-American dominated communities. Most of the new coronavirus tests in Nashville are carried out by clinics set up in white communities, while the testing institutions set up near the minority communities are unable to obtain the corresponding testing equipment and protective equipment. < / P > < p > unsealing, masks, testing All links of the novel coronavirus pneumonia are tightly tied to the ballot papers. “This global pandemic has been politicized in the United States.” Said Costas panagopoulos, a political scholar at Harvard University.