Another soldier missing from the largest armored base of the United States

Another missing soldier at Fort Hood, Texas. The U.S. Army issued a search notice on social media on the 21st, hoping that the public could help search for the 23-year-old staff sergeant elder Fernandez, who disappeared on the night of August 19 local time. Fernandez was also a victim of a sexual assault and was involved in the investigation of the case, and the army later transferred him to other units to ensure that he would not be retaliated. According to CNN news on the 21st, Keeling, Texas, police said Fernandez was last seen in the afternoon of August 17, wearing black military shorts, T-shirt and red sneakers. It is reported that Fernandez is an expert in chemistry, biology, radiation and nuclear energy. The Fort Hood military base also issued a statement on the evening of 20, saying that Fernandez’s disappearance has been investigated and the military base actively keeps in touch with Fernandez’s family, the army Criminal Investigation Command and the police to find out his whereabouts. “We are most concerned about his health and safety and have searched all areas of the military base so far,” the statement said < / P > < p > there have been a series of homicides at Fort Hood in the past year. On April 22 this year, Vanessa Gillen reported missing and her body was found on June 30. The investigation found that she was killed by a 21-year-old black soldier. On July 17, the body of another 26 year old soldier was found near the base, and the police are still investigating the case. Fort Hood military base, covering 880 square kilometers, is the largest domestic base of the U.S. Army’s active armored forces. It is named after General John hood of the American Civil War.