An American pigeon crossed the Pacific to Australia or was killed by Australia

A pigeon from the United States came to Australia nearly 13000 kilometers across the Pacific Ocean. However, due to the concerns of the Australian quarantine department, the pigeon may be killed, according to the South China Morning Post reported by the satellite news agency on January 15. A resident of Melbourne, Australia, found a domesticated pigeon in his area on December 26, 2020, according to the report. The man found that the pigeon was registered in the United States, where it should have participated in the pigeon competition on October 29. < / P > < p > experts estimate that the pigeon came to Australia by cargo ship. The arrival of pigeons attracted the attention of Australian quarantine and inspection. They worried that the pigeon might be a virus carrier. No one is allowed near the pigeon at the moment. Professionals may come to catch pigeons, the report said.