An air force base in the Western Theater insists on the combat effectiveness standard and selects non commissioned officers openly and fairly

“Bai Jianwen has been out on duty for more than half a year, and he is also on the list this time…” At the end of November, the “public notice of pre selected sergeants” on the electronic bulletin board in front of the organ building of an air force base in the Western Theater was particularly eye-catching, which attracted many officers and soldiers to stop and talk. In the selection of sergeants, the base has set up a clear guidance of standing on the basis of quality and making progress on the basis of actual achievements. It gives priority to the soldiers who have outstanding performance in major training tasks, and leaves the backbone who can fight, so that the officers and soldiers can be convinced. < / P > < p > the Party committee of the base regards the selection of non commissioned officers as a key link in the construction of talent team, and focuses on building a high-quality non commissioned officer talent matrix with excellent skills, scientific structure, reasonable echelon and sufficient reserves from the four aspects of selection, education, utilization and management. < / P > < p > they insist on taking the war as the first and the ability as the foundation, and keep the backbone talents who are mainly engaged in professional and short positions, so as to ensure that the capable can go up and the mediocre can go down. In response to the fact that major tasks are increasing year by year, they sort out and analyze the current situation of talents in various professional categories and posts of their troops, and determine the front-line main combat posts with large operational demand, strong professionalism, and long growth cycle, such as equipment operation and maintenance, as the key points, so as to further optimize the structure of sergeant team. < / P > < p > staff from combat, training, human resources and other business departments of the base are transferred to form a joint working group to conduct comprehensive supervision on the selection of non commissioned officers of the brigade and regiment units under the guidance of combat standards. They strictly select conditions, comprehensively consider professional skills, backbone role, work performance, task completion, etc., and do not recommend or study those who fail to pass the assessment or meet the requirements. They firmly control the entrance of sergeant selection, so as to provide strong talent support for war preparation. In order to ensure that the work is carried out in the sunshine, the base also specially sends members of the Discipline Inspection Commission to take the method of combining random inspection with key inspection, and track and supervise the whole process of key links such as index allocation, branch recommendation, publicity before election, organization and approval.