American media: Biden’s “save the White House”

[Global Times correspondent Jiang Ziyi, Global Times correspondent Liu Haoran] in the past weekend, the US white house completed the first large-scale renovation of the rose garden in 60 years, but the “first lady” Melania, who led the project, was booed. It turned out that the renovation of the flowers lost the effect of the competition, the garden is almost reduced to a “lawn.”. Media sarcastically said that Melania may have “reversed” the effect picture before and after the renovation; more “venomous” media criticized her for changing the beautiful rose garden to “Rose cemetery”, and called on Biden to “win the election” and “save the White House”. According to ABC 23 daily news, Melania tweeted “official announcement” on the completion of the rose garden renovation project on the 22nd, and tweeted: “tonight in our beautiful white house rose garden, we are full of excitement to commemorate the history and look forward to the future. Thank you to all the people who helped with the renovation project. ” It is understood that rose garden was mainly used for informal media meetings and various banquets, commendations and celebrations. In recent years, the venue has gradually been given more diplomatic functions. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, rose garden has been more and more important. To ensure social distance, trump abandoned the White House press room and held press conferences in the rose garden for weeks. < / P > < p > the White House has previously announced Melania’s “Rose Garden renovation plan”: the renovation aims to meet “the needs of modern national leaders”, in other words, the purpose of the renovation is to make the space of the site wider and accommodate more multimedia equipment at the same time. Trump will go against the tradition of accepting the nomination for the Republican National Congress in the White House, and Melania will also make a speech in the newly completed rose garden on the 25th. < / P > < p > according to the completion effect drawings released by many media, the newly completed rose garden mainly highlights the green lawn area in the center of the garden, and roads are laid around the lawn; the flower beds on both sides of the garden are trimmed into diamond shape, and the main color is composed of white roses, and a few pink roses and other flowers are scattered in the middle. The original cherry trees, tulips and other colorful flowers in the rose garden have almost been removed. According to the White House, these “redundant” trees are luxuriant and their shade affects other vegetation to absorb sunlight. It is understood that the removed trees will be temporarily stored in the greenhouse and will be transplanted to other areas of the White House in the future. Melania’s aesthetics has been criticized by public opinion. According to American media, the overall effect of the new garden can be described as “solemn and solemn”, “plain faced” and “like a parking lot”. American gossip news website showbiz411 even criticized that Melania changed the garden into a “cemetery style”, and I wonder if she is honoring the 170000 new crown patients killed by trump. Some netizens left a “God’s comment” saying that Melania removed cherry trees because they symbolized honesty, and removed colorful flowers because they represented diversity – both of which are qualities that this government is particularly lacking. Some critics believe that Melania’s renovation is not only destroying the legacy of American sages, but also trying to weaken the influence of the former leader of the White House. For example, the main layout and vegetation of the rose garden were mostly planned by Jacqueline, President Kennedy’s wife, in the 1960s. The Sunday Post said the “erasure of history” was “a metaphor for what he did during Trump’s administration.”. On the 22nd, Melania was even called “hot search” by American netizens. One of the hot topics was “Marie Antoinette” — a large number of netizens compared Melania to the famous “deficit Queen” of France, satirizing her construction while millions of people were struggling to get enough food and clothing. As the official residence of the president, American leaders can make some transformation after they move into the White House. According to the bustle news network, the upgrading and reconstruction of the White House by early American leaders focused on “infrastructure” and “expansion”: for example, during Theodore Roosevelt’s administration, he added a new West Wing to the White House, and replaced all gas lamps with electric lights. During the Kennedy administration, “first lady” Jacqueline began to introduce antiques and art to the White House. President Bush spent $62000 on a carpet for the Oval Office, and nearly $500000 for a batch of high-end tableware. During the Obama administration, the White House was “overhauled” at a cost of up to $1.5 million. Compared with previous U.S. leaders, Trump’s renovation cost the most: at the beginning of taking office, the “first family” spent $1.75 million on renovation and furniture. According to a “renovation list” released by US media in 2018, trump has carried out a comprehensive renovation of the building and courtyard after he moved into the White House. One of the more prominent changes is to replace the president’s office with a baroque pattern of white wallpaper and gold curtains. Some White House officials have disclosed that trump is trying to “recover the former glory and glory of the White House” through this transformation.