American higher education circles welcome Chinese students again

“Chinese students are very welcome to study in American universities.” Thomas dretler, President of international education of U.S. News and world report, said, “although there are some frictions in the current Sino US relations, in the field of education, the dialogue between the two countries is still in a very healthy environment from the perspective of the overall cooperation framework. Educational exchanges between China and the United States are very important and can even solve many problems in international relations. We hope that Chinese students will build a bridge between China and the world. ” Thomas dretler said in an online interview with Chinese media that American universities and U.S. News International Education have always welcomed Chinese students and are committed to the success of Chinese students. After learning that the policy of studying abroad in the United States and the epidemic situation have affected Chinese students’ going to the United States, top universities such as MIT and Harvard have voiced their support for Chinese students and other international students to stay in the United States. American colleges and universities all say that students are the first, and at the same time provide corresponding help for students. Even before students arrive at the school safely, they can get the support and service of the school. Auburn University, Dayton University, Pacific University, Adelphi University and other universities all accept Chinese students’ college entrance examination results and English scores to apply for undergraduate admission. Jennifer Schneider, director of international programs at Pacific University, told China that the university welcomes students from different countries, with international students accounting for about 8.5%, of which Chinese students come from more than 25 provinces. “We welcome Chinese students who have just completed the college entrance examination to apply to Pacific University and offer special scholarships to outstanding students.” Thomas dretler believes that the reason why American colleges and universities launch favorable enrollment policies for Chinese students is that the United States has always been the preferred destination for Chinese students. At present, there are more than 350000 Chinese students studying in the United States. Colleges and universities eager to attract excellent international students will take various measures to make their enrollment policies more suitable for the needs of these students. “Removing even a small hurdle in the admissions process will help us recruit top Chinese students,” says Jennifer Schneider Thomas dretler said that during the outbreak of the epidemic, American colleges and universities implemented flexible learning measures. It is estimated that 61% of the colleges and universities will open lines and% plan to adopt mixed teaching. Some U.S. universities also accept advanced credits through other university course transfer programs. There are also well-known educational institutions in the United States, such as the light of learning, which launch online courses to ensure that students get part of the U.S. university general credits before they arrive. < / P > < p > on the visa issues concerned by parents of students, Thomas dretler said that the F visa, m visa and optional practical training policies for international students to study in the United States have no impact. U.S. visa booking is being opened one after another. Some students have already scheduled to submit their visa to the United States this year. I believe that it will be gradually opened in the future.