American girls organize protests mayor issues nearly $2500 ticket

A girl in the United States organized a “black life is life” protest in New Jersey in July. The local mayor gave her a ticket for paying the police overtime. The move is controversial. According to cnbc29, 18-year-old Emily gill organized a protest in July calling for more affordable housing. She then received a letter from local mayor crannich, saying that Jill’s refusal to meet with officials before the event made them rush to arrange security plans. “You didn’t give advance notice, which gave the police little time to prepare for the security of the protest,” the letter read Krannich asked Jill to pay the police overtime for a total of $2499.26. “Just like any private sponsored event that requires the police to be safe, we sent an invoice to the organizer asking for overtime pay for the police, because it’s unfair for our residents to support the private event financially,” clanich said < / P > < p > Jill said she refused to meet officials because of concerns about the epidemic, but officials never accepted her offer of remote conversation. Jill said only 30 to 40 people attended the rally and there was no disturbance. On the 28th local time, four members of the local parliament issued a statement condemning krannich’s fine, saying that he tried to “bully and suppress a young woman who boldly exercised the rights conferred by the first amendment of the constitution.”. In a letter to Jill on the 29th, krannich said he canceled the police overtime bill and explained that the bill was based on the advice of district management officials. He also said he would continue to work to improve housing affordability.