American economists: it’s a big mistake to try to stir up the “new cold war”

Jeffrey Sachs,

economist and director of the center for sustainable development at Columbia University, told the US consumer news and business channel that it is a terrible mistake to provoke a “new cold war” with China, threatening global security in the turbulent times of COVID-19. “The last cold war was dangerous enough, and this one will be even more dangerous,” Sachs said. It’s totally misjudged and misguided, but there are still many Americans who want to impose it on China and think that we are manipulating the situation. It’s a very dangerous way of thinking < / P > < p > in recent years, due to the trade war launched by the US government and other reasons, Sino US relations have been in a state of tension. Tensions between the two countries intensified during the outbreak. In July, the United States forced the closure of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston. The Chinese side countered by closing the US Consulate General in Chengdu. < / P > < p > he said: “although politics is a game, which can be said to be a very difficult game in the United States, it is also an extremely dangerous sport. Now we play with the truth and lies around China, which will have certain consequences.” < / P > < p > what worries Sachs is that as countries compete in new economic fields such as electric vehicles and renewable energy, the “manufacturing nationalism” movement has sprung up. < / P > < p > Sachs urged world leaders to work together to address issues such as climate change in times of economic turmoil. “If we face it together in a cooperative manner, we will be very proud, because despite the very high and fluctuating water level, we have completed the task. If we go our own way, we will be very sorry when we look back. ”