All in order to win the war

Looking back to 2020, the whole army adheres to focusing on war preparation, practical combat training, joint combat training, strengthening training through science and technology, and managing training according to law. The training level and the ability to win are constantly improved. < p > < p > in February, the eastern theater of war organized joint exercises of sea and air forces in the southeast waters of Taiwan Island, and the actual combat training courses such as air to ground assault and fire support continued. < / P > < p > in September, during the training and assessment of a submarine, the third-party guidance and adjustment group closely followed the actual combat, randomly introduced more than 20 guidance and adjustment scenarios and more than 50 preset problems to test the ability of officers and soldiers in emergency response and coordination. < / P > < p > throughout the year, all units aimed to study and understand the combat tasks, opponents, and environment, strengthened case based training, strengthened the refining of mission topics, and strengthened emergency response training, so as to further improve their ability to effectively shape the situation, control crises, contain wars, and win wars. < p > < p > with a view to improving the combat capability of the system, the whole army generally strengthens the joint command training, strengthens the mutual conditional training of arms and services, strengthens the integration of new forces in new fields into the combat system training, strengthens the joint military and local training, increases the content of training science and technology, and increases the driving force of combat readiness. < / P > < p > in this year, a brigade of the 80th group army, a department of the air force and a brigade of the land and air force fought each other “back-to-back” freely in the whole process; a brigade of the army and a brigade of the air force in the Western Theater innovated the land and air confrontation joint training mode, and “imaginary enemy” became a real target < / P > < p > in this year, a certain air defense brigade of the army built a dynamic air intelligence information database to help commanders at all levels make accurate decisions and command; a certain brigade of the air force of the central theater of war developed training quality monitoring and other systems to provide support for troops to carry out tasks under extreme conditions < p > < p > in this year, the Navy’s offshore training formation of the southern theater went to the ocean and sailed more than 14000 nautical miles, and completed more than 30 exercises such as live fire and joint operations. The bomber fleet of a certain division of the air force took off from the hinterland of Guanzhong, attacked thousands of kilometers, and launched a sudden defense assault < / P > < p > in early spring, the hinterland of North China is in a fierce battle! The red and blue sides of an air force aviation regiment fight against the cloud, air combat and ground assault Pilots test tactics and sharpen the edge of victory in complex environment. < / P > < p > in late autumn, the beacon rises at the foot of Helan Mountain! A brigade of the 73rd group army marched into the desert and Gobi, organized real combat, artillery blockade and air reconnaissance in batches The red and blue sides frequently fight each other. < / P > < p > confrontation! combat! A certain information and communication brigade of the air force in the Western Theater and an electronic countermeasures unit carried out real combat exercises in complex electromagnetic environment, participated in the combat between officers and soldiers in invisible battlefield, and steadily improved the ability of fast communication, fast connection, network breaking and reconstruction. < / P > < p > confrontation! combat! Several J-15 fighters of a naval aviation unit in the northern theater were divided into red and blue sides to carry out high-intensity, multi course air combat confrontation training. The pilots of both sides used all their skills to attack and defend fiercely. < / P > < p > command confrontation, real force confrontation, system confrontation Taking a broad view of the whole army, we should innovate confrontation methods at all levels, improve the inspection and evaluation system, and actually test the concept, plan, command, force, and support of operations, so as to continuously stimulate new vitality in military training and preparation. < / P > < p > a set of details, containing the energy of victory. A brigade of the 74th group army conducted a live fire drill on the Sanyi missile position, and a brigade of the army in the southern theater transferred five times in less than one month < / P > < p > some faces are full of youth. The first batch of Shipborne fighter pilots recruited from high schools have successfully completed the aircraft carrier qualification certification, and the first batch of Shipborne helicopter pilots of the navy have completed the landing solo flight < / P > < p > for those who speak martial arts, practice is the most important. With a view to laying a solid foundation for the ability to win battles, the whole army should carry out training, assessment, supervision and accountability in strict accordance with the outline, improve the support conditions, do a good job in mass training and competition, and train every individual soldier, every type of equipment, and every type of combat elements in place. < / P > < p > on nine cold days, a certain air defense brigade of the army, with thousands of people and hundreds of vehicles, went over snowy mountains, glaciers and plateaus to solve a series of problems such as walking, fighting, eating, living and hiding in cold and dark conditions. < / P > < p > in the hot summer, the Tianjin Armed Police Corps organized “devil week” extreme training, with 10 km armed attack, carrying the wounded, building climbing and so on. < / P > < p > with the torrential rain, the officers and soldiers of a storage and supply base in Xining joint logistics support center were faced with mountain torrents, debris flows and other possible disasters, and they carried out operations in the rain, which significantly enhanced the actual combat and protection ability. < / P > < p > flying in the middle of the night, training around the clock, training in bad weather Starting from the actual combat needs, the whole army should fight hard and strictly. The vast number of officers and men should carry forward the fighting spirit of fearing neither hardship nor death, dare to overcome all difficulties, dare to overpower all enemies, and resolutely complete the missions and tasks of the new era entrusted by the party and the people. On November 25, President Xi attended the military training conference and delivered an important speech, which clearly put forward the requirements of accelerating the transformation and upgrading of military training, established a clear guidance of paying great attention to military training, and will further stimulate the strong power of the whole army to promote Combat Oriented military training.