Algerian President completes new crown treatment

Algiers, Tunisia, November 15 (in Chinese): Algeria issued a statement on the 15th that Algerian President teben has completed treatment for his infection with new coronavirus in Germany. According to the statement, teben has completed the treatment program for the new coronavirus infection in a German hospital, and is in normal health condition and is undergoing relevant medical examination. < p > < p > due to exposure to suspected cases of new crown, teben announced self isolation for 5 days on October 24. On October 27, teben went to a military hospital in Algiers for special care at a doctor’s suggestion. On October 28, he went to Germany for a comprehensive medical examination. On November 3, Algeria issued a statement saying that the test results of the new coronavirus were positive. Born in November 1945, teben served as prime minister, Minister and governor of Algeria and became president in December 2019.