Alfa Romeo 2020 Giulia four leaf clover model on the market with a price of 979800 yuan

On September 8, e-Car learned from Alfa Romeo (China) official that 2020 Giulia four leaf clover high-performance luxury sports car is on the market, with the manufacturer’s proposed retail price of 979800 yuan. < / P > < p > on the basis of retaining the appearance and vision of current Giulia, the new car greatly optimizes the interior decoration technology and human-computer interaction experience, and is equipped with L2 level ADAS active safety and Internet of vehicles system as standard. Giulia tetrafolium high performance version uses lightweight materials for effective performance. The engine hood, roof, active air distributor and rear wing are all made of carbon fiber, and carbon fiber transmission shaft is used to minimize the weight of the vehicle. In addition, the 2020 Giulia clover high performance version is specially designed to provide the Chinese market with a new design of smoked aluminum alloy wheels. < / P > < p > the interior cockpit adopts the same layout as Ferrari, equipped with enhanced 7-inch TFT instrument panel, which makes the layout more reasonable. The new central console design has better tactile and visual impact, creates more storage space and is equipped with wireless charging function as standard. The upgraded sports steering wheel adopts perforated leather at 3:00 and 9:00, which optimizes the ventilation effect, and simplifies the stitching at the bottom to further enhance the advanced feeling. The brand-new design leather shift lever, the newly added Italian flag logo, let people feel the pride that the designer conveys to the driver. < / P > < p > in addition, the newly equipped 8.8-inch touch screen car entertainment system integrates Internet services and new interactive design Carplay and Baidu carlife are suitable for most smart phones; they are equipped with security configuration such as emergency call, vehicle assistant, vehicle theft prompt and location, remote locking, unlocking and flashing lights, software upgrade of Ota and Wi Fi hotspot function in the car, further improving the car experience. There are also four leaf grass version of the exclusive performance page, real-time monitoring including the main mechanical transmission torque temperature, turbocharger pressure, but also provides accurate measurement of acceleration and maximum speed performance. < / P > < p > the four leaf grass version is equipped with a series of exclusive performance configuration, which further improves the driving pleasure and brings the most real and moving handling experience to the driver. Among them, Alfa active suspension, alfadna Pro driving mode switch knob with race track mode, Alfa active air splitter, etc. are managed in an integrated way through Alfa chassis domain control module, providing excellent dynamic performance for the vehicle. In terms of power, the 2020 Giulia clover is equipped with a 2.9-liter V6 dual turbocharged all aluminum engine. The engine technology is shared from Ferrari, and adopts the design and technology of 90 degree angle, lightweight turbine and internal forging reinforcement parts. The maximum torque is 600 nm and the maximum power is 510 HP. The matching engine is an 8-speed automatic transmission, accelerating for 3.9 seconds per 100 km.