Air force of northern Theater: aid to build Mao anying school and cultivate national defense dream

On October 23, leaders of the Political Work Department of the air force of the northern theater led a team to Mao anying school in Dandong City, Liaoning Province, to visit the memorial hall of Mao anying in order to deeply cherish the memory of the martyr Mao anying. Mao anying school is located in Hekou village, Kuandian Manchu Autonomous County, Dandong City. It is located on the Bank of Yalu River and the other side is North Korea. Comrade Mao anying crossed the river to fight in Korea, leaving his last footprints in the motherland. On November 25, 1950, Mao anying gave his life at the age of 28. Since 2001, both military and civilian governments have established Mao anying school in Hekou village. The air force of the northern theater has actively coordinated with the relevant departments in the garrison to jointly launch the “blue sky dream starts from here” student activity, raising funds from various sources to donate a batch of teaching equipment for Mao anying school, and help to build multi-media ladder classroom, blue sky laboratory, plastic lawn and other educational facilities. In addition, they also helped to build the cultural corridor of the school, hang portraits of the volunteers and their deeds, put up posters of the main combat equipment and construction and development of the air force, and carried out patriotism education. Sheng Yuting, a sixth grade student, has always been among the best in her studies. She has also become the leader of the young pioneers’ squadron and the commentator of Mao anying Memorial Hall. She said that her biggest dream is to grow up to be a pilot, driving advanced aircraft to defend the blue sky of the motherland.