Aggregation of imported cases reported in Australia and New Zealand

More than 200 foreign fishermen who arrived in New Zealand by chartered plane recently had 11 confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. The new imported cases bring new challenges to the prevention and control of the new epidemic situation in the two countries. < p > < p > the Ministry of health of Western Australia said in a statement on the 20th that 24 new confirmed crew members were added to a livestock transport ship calling at freemantel port on the 19th. One crew member had been reported to have been diagnosed. More than 30 people, including the confirmed crew members and close contacts, were taken off the ship on the 20th and sent to a hotel in Perth, the capital of Western Australia for isolation. As of the 20th, two crewmembers of another fremantel cargo ship had been infected and were quarantined on board. The rest 18 crew members of the ship were tested negative. < p > < p > two Australian crew members on the livestock carrier had disembarked and left before the infection was confirmed, causing public concern. The governor of Western Australia, Macquarie, said on the 20th that the state will change the entry quarantine rules for vessels. All Australian crew members who arrive in Western Australia from abroad can not go home as soon as before, but must be isolated at designated hotels. If the vessels call at a regional small port, they need to take charter flights to Perth for isolation, and all transportation and isolation costs shall be borne by themselves. According to the epidemic data released by the Australian Federal Department of health on the 20th, there were 30 new confirmed cases in Australia in the past 24 hours, with 27430 confirmed cases and 905 deaths. Some 440 fishermen plan to take two charter flights from Russia and Ukraine to New Zealand, the first group of more than 200 fishermen from Moscow and Singapore arrived in New Zealand on the 16th, according to the Ministry of health of New Zealand on the 20th. The fishermen are being isolated in a hotel near Christchurch airport, where the confirmed case is now closed. < / P > < p > the New Zealand Ministry of Health said all confirmed cases were detected during routine tests in hotels and did not involve local transmission. Health authorities have taken relevant measures to minimize the threat to the public and staff. New Zealand’s Ministry of health released data on the 20th showed that the country’s cumulative number of new crown cases is 1531.