Again? US media: US plans require Confucius institutes to register as “foreign missions”

Global network reports that Lee Dongyao’s trump administration’s black hand will reach out to the field of Sino US cultural exchange again? The State Department will announce as early as Thursday local time that Confucius Institutes in the United States will need to be registered as “foreign missions,” according to an anonymous person familiar with the situation, a report by the Peng Bo news agency reported on the 12th. The decision will mean determining that Confucius Institutes are “substantially owned or effectively controlled” by foreign governments, which will enable them to accept administrative requirements similar to those of embassies and consulates, according to Bloomberg. The State Department has not immediately responded to requests for comment, according to the news agency. < / P > < p > according to the statistics of the National Association of scholars, a non partisan research institution that studies Confucius Institutes, 80 of the 550 Confucius Institutes in the world are located in American universities, including Stanford University and Savannah State University in Georgia. < / P > < p > last year, the Standing Committee of inquiry of the US Senate issued an investigation report on Confucius Institutes, saying that these institutions try to influence the public opinion in the United States and should be restricted. In response, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs stressed at that time that the US individual and individual institutions now politicize the Confucius Institute, a normal Sino US educational exchange project, without any basis, showing a typical cold war mentality. I hope these people can really consider the legitimate and urgent needs of the American public, students, teachers and parents for learning Chinese and understanding Chinese culture, and do not politicize the exchanges between the Chinese and American people. < / P > < p > previously, the trump administration also listed some Chinese media organizations in the United States as “foreign missions”. In response to the US’s listing of China Central Television, China News Agency, people’s daily and global times as “foreign missions” in the US, foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian stressed in June this year that China strongly urges the us to abandon the Cold War mentality and ideological bias, and immediately stop and correct such wrong practices that harm others but not benefit itself. Otherwise, China will have to make a necessary and legitimate response.