After the hurricane, Louisiana’s power grid was destroyed or out of power for months

Louisiana is facing a long and arduous reconstruction after Hurricane Laura hit the overseas network on September 1. After landing in Louisiana on August 27, Laura destroyed part of the state’s power grid, and some residents of Louisiana will face blackout in weeks or even months. This is the strongest hurricane to hit the state since 1856, according to CNN. The hurricane hit Louisiana and Texas at 150 miles an hour, destroying homes and killing at least 17 people. Energy companies serving the two states said the scope of the damage was too large and some infrastructure needed to be rebuilt from scratch. The president and CEO said: “users will face long blackouts that last for weeks.” < / P > < p > transmission lines act as interstate power systems, allowing companies to transfer power generated by power plants to major transmission lines in the community. But the company said all seven power line corridors had been “catastrophically damaged.”. The assistant director of parish emergency preparedness said that in Cameron Parish, it may take two months for residents to restore electricity. The City chief said hurricane Laura also destroyed most of Lake Charles’ water supply.