After Hong Kong, the Netherlands and Belgium also reported cases of secondary infection of the new crown

A novel coronavirus pneumonia test results were once again positive in 24 new European patients who had recovered from Europe,

University of Hong Kong, Department of Microbiology, group of researchers at the University of Hong Kong. The second case of new crown virus is not the case of “restoring Yang”. On the 25th, the media revealed that the Netherlands and Belgium also reported a second case of new coronavirus infection. According to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post on the 25th, the Dutch National Broadcasting Company NOS quoted virologists as saying on the 25th that one patient in the Netherlands and one patient in Belgium had been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus for the second time. The Dutch patient is an elderly person with a weak immune system. Virologists stressed that to determine whether this is a second infection of the new coronavirus, viral genetic testing of the first and second infected viruses is needed to find out if the two viruses are slightly different. Kupmans, an adviser to the Dutch government, said people were expected to be infected with the new coronavirus again. “It doesn’t make me nervous that someone will get the new coronavirus again, we have to see if it happens often,” she said Patients in Belgium currently have mild symptoms, but “this is not good news” because it suggests that the antibodies produced by patients at the first infection are not enough to prevent the second infection with a slightly different variant of the new coronavirus. Virologists say it is not clear whether this is rare or “more people may be re infected with the new coronavirus after six or seven months of recovery.”.