Africa’s new crown confirmed cases close to one million, the epidemic is afraid to impact food security in Africa

Cape Town, August 5, comprehensive report in Africa: according to the African Center for Disease Control and prevention on the 5th, more than 980000 new crown confirmed cases, more than 21000 deaths, and more than 650000 cured cases in Africa. The African Union Commission issued a warning on the 5th that the impact of the new outbreak on Africa will be long-term, especially the food security in Africa. The impact of the new epidemic on Africa may be long-term, and the epidemic will delay the election and political reform of African countries, further aggravate poverty and further increase regional insecurity, said chergu, member of the peace and Security Commission of the African Union, in a statement on the 5th. The epidemic is likely to cause more people in Africa to face food security problems. Gambia used to be a country with relatively low infection rate of NCV in Africa, but the epidemic has been aggravating and spreading recently. The number of confirmed cases has increased by more than 60% in the past seven days, the Ministry of Health said on the 5th. The main reason for the spread of the epidemic is that people relaxed their vigilance and did not abide by the epidemic prevention regulations. In the past month, the diagnosis rate of new crown in Zambia has increased from 1.8% to 25%, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health said on the 5th. The Ministry of health will further expand the scope of detection to avoid large-scale community transmission. On the evening of 5, Mozambican President Jose Manuel newsi announced that the country will enter a state of emergency again from 8 September until September 6. The future work is based on two principles: one is to maintain the epidemic prevention and control measures, the other is to ensure the normal social and economic life. The State Investment Bank of Mozambique has set up a relief fund of more than 22 million US dollars to help small and medium-sized enterprises affected by the epidemic, the national radio of Mozambique reported on the 5th.