African International Institutions: unity and cooperation is the key to international anti epidemic

Song GUI, under Secretary General of the United Nations and executive secretary of ECA, spoke highly of China Africa anti epidemic cooperation, appreciated China’s control of the domestic epidemic within a short period of time, and appreciated China’s rapid, sustained and powerful anti epidemic and economic assistance to Africa. The novel coronavirus pneumonia, a vice chairman of the

Au Committee, said that Sino African Unity is of great significance in fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The seminar is a positive forum for promoting the implementation of the special summit on Sino African solidarity and anti epidemic and cohesion of the Central African epidemic. Kwadi stressed at the meeting that China’s aid to the construction of the African Center for Disease Control and prevention project once again demonstrates the strong partnership between China and Africa. Novel coronavirus pneumonia chief Liu Yuxi,

, reviewed the experience of helping and uniting the epidemic in the two countries since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. He said that China has been actively appealed to the international community to increase its support for the epidemic in Africa and to fight side by side with the African people. After the outbreak of the epidemic in Africa, China took the lead in providing anti epidemic materials to the African Union and African countries in many batches, sent medical expert groups to 11 African countries, held expert video conferences with the African side, and carried out diagnosis and treatment technology exchanges without reservation. Wu Peng, director of the Africa Department of the Ministry of foreign affairs, said that China is willing to work with Africa to promote relevant cooperation under the framework of the Forum on China Africa cooperation, including practical cooperation in vaccine research, infrastructure construction, trade and e-commerce.