Afghanistan releases nearly 200 detainees to promote peace talks

On September 2, according to Reuters, Afghan officials said on the 2nd local time that the country has released nearly 200 detainees to promote the progress of peace talks, and a group of negotiators are ready to fly to the capital of Qatar this week. In a statement, Sadik sadic, a spokesman for Afghan President Ghani, said that the Afghan government has released another group of detainees and that the process of exchanging detainees is still in progress. < / P > < p > a senior Afghan government official, who asked for anonymity, said, “we hope to complete the exchange of detainees so that we can start the peace process as soon as possible.” In addition, a spokesman for Abdallah, chairman of the High Commission for national reconciliation of Afghanistan, said that a negotiation team authorized by the government may fly to Doha, the capital of Qatar, the initial place of negotiation on the 4th. < / P > < p > the exchange of detainees between the Afghan government and other parties is one of the contents of the peace agreement reached at the end of February 2020. According to the agreement, the Afghan government ordered the release of 5000 detainees, and guaranteed the release of 1000 detained government personnel. In early March, Ghani ordered the release of 5000 detainees to clear the way for inter Arab dialogue. But before that, the process of exchanging prisoners between the two sides had been interrupted for many times.