Afghan government and resumption of peace talks next month

A senior Afghan government official in charge of communication and liaison disclosed the news to the media. A number of Afghan government negotiators confirmed that they will leave the Afghan capital, Kabul, next month for Doha, Qatar, to participate in the negotiations. < / P > < p > the Afghan government and Doha started the peace talks on September 12, but the progress was slow due to many differences. A number of media reported that the two sides almost reached an agreement in November, but the talks collapsed at the last minute due to a dispute over the wording in the document. < p > < p > on February 2, the Afghan government announced that the two sides had reached an agreement on the steps of future internal peace talks in Afghanistan, and the next step would be to start dialogue according to the schedule. Abdallah Abdallah, chairman of the High Council for national reconciliation in Afghanistan, said on social media that this was “an important first step.”. According to a number of media reports, this is the first time that the two sides have reached an agreement in writing, a total of three pages, setting out the rules and steps for negotiations on the political road map and a comprehensive cease-fire. < / P > < p > last week, the US military launched an air raid on the target, killing more than 20 members. He later accused the US and Afghan governments of air strikes that killed civilians. < / P > < p > there have been several attacks in Kabul in recent weeks, resulting in dozens of deaths. Islamic state, an extremist group, claimed several of the attacks, while Afghan government officials accused the rest of them and denied them.