Across more than 10 provinces, looking for the surviving parents of martyrs

When another martyr’s day came, veteran Xiao kenming came again to pay homage to his comrades in arms. As in the past, he placed biscuits, fruit and a bottle of wine in front of each martyr’s tombstone, lit candles, and slowly sprinkled wine on the tombstone < / P > < p > every move is so dignified, every step is so heavy. Xiao kenming sat in front of the martyr Zheng Kaixiong’s tombstone and muttered to himself: “brother Kaixiong, your old mother is gone. My comrades in arms and I have sent her last journey for you…” < p > < p > for more than 30 years, Xiao kenming has always remembered the promise on the battlefield: “those who survive should sweep the graves of the dead, and have time to help look after their parents!” On the eve of the National Day in Pingxiang, Guangxi, “China Red” and colored lights are hanging all over the streets. The city of the border is peaceful and peaceful with the bustling crowd and the endless flow of vehicles. In the golden autumn of 1980, Xiao kenming, 17, stood among more than 300 Chaoshan “little friends” who were about to join the army on a wharf in Shantou, Guangdong Province, and waved goodbye to his relatives. < p > < p > “kenming is young, you should take care of him…” Xiao kenming’s family is close to the families of new recruits Zheng Kaixiong and Yao Daxing. They join the army together. Their parents shout to them from the dock. < / P > < p > the sound of the whistle, the family members left for a long time. The sea breeze dispersed the voice of relatives saying goodbye, waving hands and tears in the eyes gradually blurred < p > < p > these young people who are looking forward to the new life of the army are chatting excitedly all the way with Chaoshan accent. Xiao kenming was assigned to the antiaircraft machine gun company, while Zheng Kaixiong and Yao Daxing were assigned to the infantry company. The two companies are not far apart. They often get together to chat on weekends. In March of spring, purple bean sprouts are blooming all over the mountain, which is very beautiful. At that time, the front-line war was fierce, and the topics they talked about naturally became more dignified. < p > < p > one day, Zheng Kaixiong suddenly said, “Keng Ming, if I sacrifice, when you come to sweep the grave, remember to plant a branch of Pistacia in front of the grave, then I will know that it is you. Do you think it’s ok?” The topic of < / P > < p > becomes heavy. Zheng Kaixiong said: “our camp may be the main attack. If I can’t come back, Keng Ming will take care of my parents for me. You tell them, I didn’t disgrace them on the battlefield! ” When we talked about our hometown, we talked about our parents and the possible blood sacrifice. We agreed: “if anyone died, the one who survived should sweep the grave for the one who died, and when he had time to help take care of his parents!” In the early morning of May 5, the battle began. At night, Xiao kenming followed his comrades to the mountain to transport ammunition and supplies. In the tunnel, he met Zheng Kaixiong, Yao Daxing, as well as Yu miancai, a veteran of Chaoshan. Several people happily held them together. < p > < p > at night, the sound of guns is still the same, Xiao kenming’s task unit braved the gunfire to send ammunition to the mountain, and carried the wounded and the dead soldiers’ bodies down the mountain. < p > < p > “kenming, Zheng Kaixiong died in the No.5 highland, Yu miancai and Yao Daxing died in the No.4 highland…” Xiao kenming just got into the tunnel, and Chen Zhenxing, a comrade in arms, said with a heavy voice. < / P > < p > thunderbolt. They just hugged themselves and said no to them! Hearing the news, Xiao kenming stayed in the same place, tears burst out, and could not speak for a long time. During the night, the bodies of the wounded and the dead soldiers were sent down the mountain overnight. Xiao wanted Zheng Kaixiong to be injured or bring their bodies back by hand. < / P > < p > however, the fighting is still intense. There is no time to look for, nor time to be sad, Xiao kenming desperately back and forth to transport the wounded and the remains of his comrades in arms. At the end of the battle, Xiao kenming went to the martyrs’ cemetery. He saw familiar names: Zheng Kaixiong, Yao Daxing, Yu miancai, Gao Junzhen, Nie Zixia < / P > < p > “brothers, I’m ready to leave the army and go home. When I’m settled down, I’ll see you again! ” In October 1983, near his retirement, Xiao kenming took two bottles of wine, a few bags of sugar and biscuits to the martyrs’ cemetery. Touching the tombstone of his comrades in arms and recalling the scenes of his comrades’ deep love in his military career, he wailed. < p > < p > at that moment, the words of comrades in arms were so light and heavy when they went to the battlefield. A sense of responsibility arises spontaneously in Xiao kenming’s heart: comrades in arms, don’t worry, I will always remember your entrustment. In 1984, on the first Tomb Sweeping day after his discharge from the army, Xiao kenming, who worked in a state-owned enterprise, began to look forward to his future life and plan a trip to pay homage to his comrades in arms. < / P > < p > however, reality does not allow it. His parents are old, and there are five minor brothers and sisters who need to be taken care of. The burden of supporting the family falls on him. The monthly expenses of a large family are often in short supply. < / P > < p > “no matter how hard it is, we have to find a way to save our travel expenses.” Xiao kenming roughly calculated the travel expenses from his hometown to Pingxiang, plus other expenses, and went back and forth for several months, and his salary was not enough. < / P > < p > “brothers, Keng Ming, I’m sorry. I can only offer you a thin glass of wine here.” On the day of Qingming Festival, Xiao kenming stood on the mountain behind his hometown, lit incense sticks in the direction of Guangxi border, worshipped and worshipped again and again, but it was always difficult to appease his inner debt. From then on, it became a matter of Xiao kenming’s mind to pay homage to his comrades in arms in Guangxi border defense. Later, Xiao kenming was admitted to the university to study with pay. After studying, he worked hard to earn money by doing part-time jobs. In the summer vacation of 1989, Xiao kenming set foot on the journey to pay homage to his comrades in arms at Guangxi border. Along the way, he was not willing to spend any more money. He was thirsty to drink tap water and hungry to eat his own dry food. < / P > < p > “brother Kai Xiong, please don’t blame Keng Ming. I haven’t come to see you and fulfill our promise after so many years of retirement. It’s because I can’t save enough travel expenses!” In front of Zheng Kaixiong’s tombstone, Xiao kenming is full of tears. Thinking about the happy times in those years, the haggard face of the old man when he visited Zheng Kaixiong’s parents, and the hardships of life in these years, Xiao kenming drank several bottles of liquor. He was drunk and tears ran down his cheek. After visiting the martyrs’ cemetery in faka mountain the next year, Xiao felt that his income was always too low to support his family. At that time, it was the “going to sea” craze, and he wanted to try it. < / P > < p > “the standard of offering a bottle of wine, a box of cigarettes, a packet of biscuits and a pile of fruit in front of each martyr’s tomb was also set at that time.” Xiao kenming insisted that every year he sacrificed his comrades in arms and “these are the things that my comrades in arms loved most in those years.”. Xiao kenming visited the martyrs’ cemetery every year, which also led his comrades in arms to come to pay homage to the martyrs. Some veterans who want to come to the frontier to offer sacrifices to their comrades in arms are in financial difficulties, so Xiao kenming arranges the travel and accommodation expenses for them. < / P > < p > “in this life, as long as I’m still alive, I’ll visit them every year. This is my promise to them.” Xiao kenming taught his children that today’s happy life was bought by the martyrs with their lives and blood. < / P > < p > “the country sets up a martyr’s day, and the whole society comes to pay tribute to the martyrs. I want to put more energy into finding parents who sacrifice their comrades in arms!” On the eve of the Qingming Festival in 2015, Xiao kenming saw a continuous stream of people who came to worship the martyrs, and suddenly had this idea. < / P > < p > “I’m coming back with the flag, please take care of my mother.” Xiao kenming knows well that the most worrying thing for the martyrs who are lying in the ground is their white haired parents. “Being kind to the martyrs’ relatives is the best consolation to the martyrs.”. < / P > < p > “my old mother is now over 80 years old, and the parents who sacrificed their comrades in arms are also very old. I’m afraid we won’t see them again.” Xiao said. At that time, most of the addresses of martyrs’ families recorded in the materials were only specific to villages and towns. Over the past 30 years, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack to find the elderly parents of the martyrs. In January 2017, Xiao kenming got a message from a comrade in arms: the mother of the martyr Jiang Tianfu from Guizhou is still alive. That day, he was too excited to sleep. After hearing the address of the old man in many ways, Xiao kenming immediately set out for the mountain in Guizhou. It’s hard to get information! He was afraid that he would miss the time and not see the mother of martyr Jiang Tianfu. “In any case, we should find the martyrs’ parents who are still alive and send their son’s greetings from afar,” he said Jiang Tianfu’s home is in an old wooden house in the mountains. Xiao kenming pushed the door open. There was no light in the room. The fire in the fire pool turned red. Cassava porridge was boiling in the black pot. Jiang Tianfu’s old mother and younger brother were sitting by the fire to roast the fire. < / P > < p > “old mother, I am Jiang Tianfu’s comrade in arms. Today I come to see you, we are late!” See the old man, Xiao kenming nose a sour, tears can not stop falling down. < / P > < p > “my goodness!” Hearing Xiao kenming’s voice, her 80 year old mother stood up trembling, shaking her hands and crying bitterly. < p > < p > more than 30 years later, this old mother, who lost her beloved son, imagined countless times that her handsome son in military uniform could one day stand in front of her. Countless nights, she dreamt that her son called his mother and rushed into her arms like a child. < p > < p > like her son came back, the old mother had been holding Xiao kenming’s hand and talking incessantly. As she spoke, she wiped her tears, and the people around her also shed tears. < / P > < p > “some martyr’s parents can only live hard by themselves after their son’s sacrifice. Because the information is blocked, no one even knows that they are martyrs’ families! ” Xiao said that when looking for a martyr’s mother, they found that because of the lack of information, the local did not know there was such a martyr. < / P > < p > “it is also in the mountain area. The house of an old mother of a minority martyr is very shabby.” Xiao kenming recalled the scene at that time and wept bitterly. Later, after a lot of coordination, the old man missed to pay the pension for the martyrs’ families for many years, and the local government helped her build her new house. < p > < p > in November 2016, Xiao kenming learned from his comrades in arms that the mother of Wang Baoshun, a martyr of Hebei nationality, may still be alive, so he immediately rushed to Hebei. Before the train entered Hebei Province, he received a call from his comrades in arms: “the mother of martyr Wang Baoshun passed away more than a week ago.” Most of the time, when we find the martyr’s home, we learn that their parents have already passed away. This makes Xiao kenming feel that the time of “looking for relatives” is very urgent. What he could do was to take his son’s greetings from afar, which were the greetings of martyrs and Xiao kenming. < / P > < p > “their sons are always far away, but I want to let them know that their sons will always live in the hearts of more and more people.” Xiao kenming said, “in fact, I am their son from afar.”