Accurately excavate the value of traditional Chinese medicine and give full play to its unique role Beijing, China, China, novel coronavirus pneumonia, Lian Fengmei, November, 18, November, when visiting Xinhua health clinic, Xinhua Hospital, a doctor of Chinese medicine, said that although the new prevention and control of new crown pneumonia in China has become normalized, the essence of Chinese medicine needs further excavation, and strengthening scientific research and giving full play to its unique role. < p > < p > Lian Fengmei said that the published papers were randomized controlled clinical trials, and the rest of the studies were based on the model of cohort studies with little clinical intervention. According to the international level of evidence, the level of evidence obtained by RCT is relatively high, while that of cohort study is slightly lower than that of RCT, which is more than that from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a good medicine for Chinese medicine. It is a good example for Chinese medicine to use more scientific data to explain to the world, to select better and more suitable drugs, to find its very good ingredients accurately, and to contribute to the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation in the world.