According to the survey, 75% of South Koreans continue to boycott Japanese goods for fear of long-term deterioration of Japan South Korea relations

A year has passed since South Korea launched a boycott of Japanese goods, Kyodo News Agency reported on August 13. The government agency “Korea advertising promotion commune” recently released the results of a survey of 1000 South Korean men and women. 75% of the respondents said they would continue to boycott Japanese goods now, and 70% said they would continue to boycott Japanese goods in the future, fearing that the relationship between Japan and South Korea would deteriorate in the long run. < / P > < p > it is reported that the boycott of Japanese products broke out because South Korea opposed the Japanese government’s strengthening of export control of semiconductor materials in July 2019. Coupled with the impact of the new epidemic, Nissan and other enterprises that decided to withdraw from South Korea also began to appear. The survey was conducted in mid July. Because of the boycott, there are many kinds of Japanese products, including clothing, alcohol and daily necessities. 69% of the respondents said they didn’t feel inconvenient in their life when they participated in the boycott. It is said that as a substitute, South Korean people actively bought their own products. According to the data obtained by members of the ruling party of South Korea from the customs office, the import volume of Japanese beer in the second quarter of this year decreased by about 90% compared with the same period last year, and the import of Japanese cars also decreased by more than 60%.