Abe won the support of two major factions

Focusing on the successor of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the second rank faction and the ASO faction led by freedom Secretary General Junichiro Nikai and Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso have decided to support Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yiwei. < p > < p > Kyodo News Agency reported from the LDP that the second rank faction held a high-level meeting on August 31 and formally decided to support Kan Yiwei in the party president election. < / P > < p > there are seven major factions in the LDP, and the second-class faction is the fourth largest, with 47 members of Congress. Kyodo News Agency reported that Kan Yiwei met with senior party leaders such as the second rank on the evening of August 29, indicating that he intended to run for the party president. At that time, the second rank encouraged him to “come on”. < p > < p > ASO himself has no intention of running for president of the party. The ASO faction led by him is the second largest faction in the party, with a total of 54 members of Congress. On the 31st, he also decided to support Kan Yiwei. < / P > < p > recently, Kan Yiwei met with the party’s “elders” Hiroshi hoshida and ganxiong Aoki to seek support. Hoshida leads the largest faction in the LDP, including 98 members of Congress. Aoki, a former president of the LDP Senate, still has influence in the Senate. < / P > < p > Kan Yiwei did not officially announce his candidacy for president of the party. Kyodo News Agency reported from people in the party that he plans to officially announce the election within one or two days after the general committee of the Liberal Democratic Party set the election schedule on September 1. < / P > < p > the general committee of the Liberal Democratic Party is expected to decide the date and method of the election of the party president. Kyodo News Agency reported that the general committee is expected to decide to hold a plenary meeting of members of both houses of Congress on September 14 to replace the Party Congress and elect a new president. To simplify the process, it may be decided to skip voting by local Party members and supporters. < / P > < p > skipping local voting has caused dissatisfaction among some party members. On the afternoon of August 31, Secretary of the Youth Bureau of the Liberal Democratic Party and representative Shi Ming Kobayashi and others asked the second level party members and supporters to vote at the party headquarters. More than 140 members of Congress, including the chairman of the LDP’s election strategy committee and former Minister of culture, culture and science, Shimura Bowen, who intends to run for office, and the former Secretary General of the LDP and another powerful successor to Abe, Shi pomao, signed their names for approval. In addition to members of Congress, about 400 local LDP members also support the holding of local Party members and supporters vote. < p > < p > in the public opinion survey on the candidates for the next prime minister released by Kyodo News Agency on the 30th, Shi Po got the highest support rate of 34.3%, while Kan Yiwei got 14.3%. However, the Shi Po faction, led by Shi Po, has less influence in the LDP faction, with only 19 members of Parliament.