Abe revealed: trump once asked him “if the United States is attacked by China”

According to Kyodo News Agency on the 13th, Shinzo Abe, former Japanese Prime Minister, in an exclusive interview with Kyodo news agency, revealed that during his summit talks with us president trump, the other side repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the sharing of responsibilities between the two countries in case of emergency based on the US Japan Security Treaty, calling this “unfair”. According to reports, Abe said trump questioned during the talks: “if Japan is attacked by North Korea, the United States will fight. But if the United States is attacked by China, will Japan do nothing? ” In this regard, Abe referred to the new security law allowing the exercise of the “collective self-defense right of the self defense forces” and the protection of US warships, and explained that “I have revised the constitutional interpretation and created a new security law. As a result, my cabinet approval rating has dropped by 10 percentage points. “. Trump, it is said, was convinced to praise “you are a warrior.”. Abe did not disclose the timing of the talks and said he “talked about the same topic several times.”.