Abe introduced two physical examinations in the hospital: he still wants to work hard in the future

Japan’s Shimbun news agency and other media reported on the 24th that Abe would return to the prime minister’s residence after the inspection, and would continue to deal with official business in the afternoon. He told the press group: “today we have a detailed understanding of last week’s inspection results and conducted additional inspections. I hope to carry out comprehensive physical management, and I want to work hard in the future. ” Recently, the health status of Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, has attracted much attention from the outside world. On the morning of 24 local time, Abe left home again for Keio University Hospital in Tokyo to listen to the results of the physical examination and continue to accept the relevant examination. A week ago, Abe went to Qingying university hospital for a medical examination. However, Japanese media also pointed out that Abe’s trip is bound to cause speculation again under the situation that Abe’s health problems and physical fatigue have attracted much attention. Abe is receiving treatment for chronic diseases rather than physical examination, according to a ruling party source quoted by Japanese television on the 24th.