A test training area of the army completed the task of cross domain live ammunition shooting for the first time

Before October 11, Shijiazhuang, a multi-type helicopter in a test and training area of the army was maneuvering for thousands of miles across the territory. For the first time, live fire training was organized in unfamiliar areas, and helicopter strike accuracy test was carried out simultaneously. Under the complex and realistic actual combat background, pilots completed the actual firing tasks of multiple types of targets and missiles. < / P > < p > this mission adheres to high starting point and high standard planning, and carefully carries out flight command, shooting implementation, test data collection and effect evaluation, and strives to be close to actual combat, accurate and efficient. In the air transition, the helicopter formation has a range of more than 1000 kilometers, crossing multiple terrain areas and different temperature zones. The complex weather conditions, ground electromagnetic interference, long voyage driving and other conditions constantly test pilots. < / P > < p > the ground support echelons such as ammunition, oil and aviation materials move to the target area through road and railway transportation, complete the opening of command post, observation post and field ammunition depot, and arrange the range strictly according to the actual combat requirements, so as to ensure the test training effect. In the implementation of the mission, the reconnaissance team reported the enemy’s situation, the field tower command car issued instructions, and the helicopter formation took off with ammunition to quickly maneuver to the enemy target. After arriving at the predetermined position, the formation launched attacks on multiple targets such as “enemy” artillery positions and armored targets by means of multi aircraft cooperation and single machine penetration, which tested and improved the pilot’s driving and shooting level.