A special combat brigade of the 81st group army focused on dangerous and difficult subjects to improve multi-dimensional parachuting ability

Taiyuan on October 24, with the command of the commander, the members of the two special combat teams jumped out of the cabin door and opened white umbrella flowers in the air. This is the first time that a special combat brigade of the 81st group army has carried out large aircraft parachuting training. Recently, the brigade aimed at the needs of the battlefield, focused on the dangerous and difficult subjects, tempered the multi-dimensional parachute ability, and promoted the combat effectiveness. < / P > < p > there are no coaches. They cooperate with airborne soldiers and ask teachers to guide their training. They took the initiative to connect with more than 10 units to assist in the support work of parachute landing. In accordance with the standardized training standards for the parachute landing backbone of the army’s large aircraft, they strictly implemented the requirements of group training methods, training standards, and “four field and one aircraft” setting, and highlighted key links such as secondary parachute folding, departure action, and special information disposal, so as to make the training more regular. < / P > < p > in the night, with the guidance of the parachute guide, the aircraft entered the launch airspace accurately, and the special team members jumped out of the cabin in strict accordance with the action essentials. Then, guided by the actual combat background, they completed a series of tactical courses one by one, such as intelligence reconnaissance, deep assault and covert contact with the enemy, and their independent combat ability behind the enemy was tempered. < / P > < p > it is reported that this training has completed more than 1000 people’s actual jumping training, and completed four training courses, including unarmed single path, unarmed two-way, armed parachute jumping and night parachute jumping, further improving the combat ability of the army.