A-share companies appear in CES one after another, and the consumer electronics industry is expected to usher in a new development cycle

From the situation of listed consumer electronics companies that have released the 2020 performance forecast, there are also some highlights. CICC pointed out that the deepening of 5g and AI applications will promote the common prosperity of software and hardware applications, and the consumer electronics industry is expected to usher in a new cycle, with 2021 as the starting point of a new cycle in a decade. < p > < p > TCL, a display technology manufacturer, has released upgraded Mini LED technology, scroll screen and other black technologies, including the world’s first 17 inch ink-jet printing flexible display screen. It is reported that the cost of ink-jet printing process can be reduced by 20% compared with evaporation process, and it is expected to be mass produced and commercialized in 2024. < / P > < p > TCL said that in the first three quarters of 2020, it sold more than 17.32 million TV sets, up 14.4% year on year, becoming the second largest TV manufacturer in the world, with growth rates of 96.3% in Europe and 24.8% in North America. In addition, TCL’s air conditioning business ranks third in the world, while its washer and dryer business and refrigerator business rank fifth in the world. < p > < p > howay technology, an image sensor company owned by Weill, is a frequent visitor to CES exhibition. Before the exhibition, the company released a number of new products. In view of the automobile market, howay released oax8000, and the automotive application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) with AI technology is optimized for the entry-level independent driver monitoring system (DMS). Aiming at the Internet of things market, an image sensor os04c10 for home security cameras is released. For the smart phone market, howay technology released a 40 megapixel, 1.0 micron pixel image sensor ov40a. The product adopts ultra-high gain and noise reduction technology, and its 1 / 1.7 inch optical format can achieve excellent camera performance under weak light conditions. According to James Liu, senior technology marketing manager of howay technologies, smartphone manufacturers are expected to purchase 855 million image sensors with 40 megapixel resolution or higher by 2021. According to the statistics, as of the evening of January 12, 65 Shenwan electronic industry companies have issued performance forecasts for 2020. Among them, 41 companies are expected to be happy (increase in advance, increase slightly, turn losses and continue to make profits), and 31 companies are expected to have a year-on-year net profit growth of more than 30% in 2020. < / P > < p > TCL technology expects to achieve a net profit of 4.2-4.46 billion yuan in 2020, with a year-on-year growth of 60% – 70%, corresponding to a net profit of 2.175-2.435 billion yuan in the fourth quarter of 2020. The company’s net profit in the first three quarters was 2.03 billion yuan, and the net profit in the fourth quarter is expected to exceed that in the first three quarters. < p > < p > TCL technology said that TCL Huaxing maintained full sales and full production, continued to optimize its product structure, and maintained the leading operation efficiency in the industry. The annual operating revenue increased by more than 35% year on year, and the net profit increased by more than 140% year on year. Among them, the large-scale display business benefited from the recovery of the industry. The prices of main products have continued to rise since the third quarter of 2020, and the net profit of the large-scale display business has increased more than 6 times year on year. < / P > < p > the hot mini LED market has improved the performance of Huacan optoelectronics and other companies. In 2019, Huacan optoelectronics will lose 1.048 billion yuan, and its net profit is expected to be 16-24 million yuan in 2020, turning losses into profits. Huacan optoelectronics said that the product structure adjustment has achieved remarkable results, the proportion of mini LED chips, high-end backlight, high luminous efficiency and other products has increased, and the gross profit and net profit of products have increased significantly. < p > < p > as an important component, the demand for printed circuit boards is strong. Dongshan precision expects to achieve a net profit of 1.4-1.6 billion yuan in 2020, with a year-on-year growth of 99.24% – 127.71%. Guosen Securities pointed out that the iPhone 12 series products are popular with consumers, and the leading enterprises in Apple’s supply chain have entered the performance verification period. < / P > < p > Disclaimer: the purpose of this article reprinted by CNFC is to convey more information, and it does not represent the opinions and positions of CNFC. The content of this article is for reference only, and does not constitute an investment proposal. Investors operate on this basis at their own risk. < p > < p > Chinanet is a state key news website under the leadership of the Information Office of the State Council and the management of China foreign language publishing and Distribution Bureau. Through 11 versions in 10 languages, the website publishes information 24 hours a day. 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