A Russian “yals” intercontinental ballistic missile regiment enters combat duty

Moscow, December 15 Russian Defense Ministry issued a communique on December 15, saying that a “yars” intercontinental ballistic missile regiment entered combat duty in Siberia on the same day. < / P > < p > the communique said that the missile regiment was deployed in the Altay border region of Siberia, Russia, and the newly equipped “yals” ICBM replaced the previously equipped “Baiyang” ICBM. “Yals” intercontinental ballistic missile can enhance the cluster strike capability and nuclear containment capability of Russia’s strategic rocket force. < / P > < p > the Russian Ministry of defense has previously said that the modernization plan of Russian strategic rocket forces’ weapons and equipment will be completed in 2024. At that time, Russia’s strategic rocket army will replace all intercontinental ballistic missiles currently in service during the Soviet period.