A Russian helicopter was mistakenly hit and crashed near the Asian Arab border, killing two people and injuring one

Tbilisi November 9 a Russian Mi-24 helicopter crashed on the Asian side of the Armenian Azerbaijani border on November 9, killing two crew members and injuring one. The Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan admitted that the helicopter was mistakenly hit by the Afghan military. The Armenian news agency quoted the Ministry of emergency situations as saying that the helicopter crashed in a valley near the Azerbaijani border in the western part of the country. < / P > < p > according to Russian media reports, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed on the same day that a Russian Mi-24 helicopter was shot down by a man portable air defense missile on the Asian side of the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, killing two crew members and injuring another. < / P > < p > the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan issued a statement on the same day, acknowledging the shooting down of a Russian helicopter, saying it was an accident and apologizing to Russia for this. < / P > < p > the statement said that the helicopter was flying near the border between Armenian and the Autonomous Republic of nashichevan of Azerbaijan. Due to the dark, the helicopter was shot down by the Afghan army because of its low altitude and beyond the detection range of the air defense radar. < / P > < p > the Foreign Ministry of Afghanistan said that this was an accident, not aimed at Russia. Afghanistan expressed its condolence to the families of the victims and was willing to pay appropriate compensation.