A regiment of rocket Army: tracking, guiding, helping and leading to improve the ability of sergeant sub leaders to perform their duties

At the end of September, a regiment of the rocket army held a meeting to commend the outstanding sergeants. At the commendation table, chief Sergeant Chen huailu was full of joy. Not long ago, the regiment participated in the live ammunition firing drill organized by the higher authorities. As the sub captain of the sergeant, he led his subordinates to complete the support task excellently. Chen huailu was commended together with more than 10 team leaders of other posts. < p > < p > last year, as the leader of the first batch of noncommissioned officers of the regiment, Chen huailu led his team to participate in the actual combat drill. Due to lack of management experience, he failed to plan out the driving route of vehicles at night in time, resulting in the team transfer overtime. From an ordinary sergeant to a divisional leader, his role identity has changed, his burden on his shoulders has become heavier, and his ideological “burden” has also become heavy. At the beginning of taking office, Chen huailu couldn’t put his hands on his work and his role was not obvious. Like him, many Sergeant sub captains have similar experiences. “Their respective roles and roles have not been changed from officers to officers.” Zhang Qianqing, head of the regiment, said. < / P > < p > “as an important force in the construction of combat effectiveness at the grass-roots level, the sergeant sub captain should not” put in the neutral position. ” After investigation, the regiment worked out the relevant measures of unit construction and management, refined the unit leader’s command, training management and other contents, and further clarified the responsibilities and authority of the sergeant sub captain from the system level. The first group of the Communist Party committee of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China linked up with the new non commissioned officer sub leaders of the grass-roots units to help them improve their ability to perform their duties and help them adapt to their post roles as soon as possible. In charge of helping Chen huailu is Yang Jinhu, director of the Political Work Office of the regiment. Focusing on more than 10 items such as the management of leading troops, Yang Jinhu taught methods and experience one by one. After a period of time, Chen huailu’s comprehensive quality has been significantly enhanced. < / P > < p > the clearer the responsibility, the stronger the ability. In a confrontation drill not long ago, Guo senkun, the new Sergeant division leader, reorganized and positioned his subordinates according to the actual situation of the battlefield, according to the professional quality, reaction ability and other aspects, and the combat effect was significantly improved.